Do You Have The Right Product To Market?

Do You Have The Right Product To Market?

How Do You Find The Right Product To Market?

The answer to product choice is complex and critical. The products of a business are going to be the key to the company’s success or failure. It is important to find the right products that will sell and make a profit.

In a previous post we discussed a checklist of 29 steps when starting your Business. This

topic was number: 2. Determine the product(s) or service(s).

Everything that makes up the nature of a business is based on producing and marketing products. And the opportunities for business products or services are many and include professional services, wholesale equipment, raw material, retail items, health care services, and so on.

One list of all the personal property products for businesses to market can be found by looking at the Uniform Commercial Code. This Wikipedia link will tell about the potential types of products being marketed and lead to the actual U.C.C. categories: Uniform Commercial Code.

A business person who wants to learn more about the products and markets that Finding business Productsare out there and established should do several Google searches about a product and the competition. Be sure to search the industry specific listings and product descriptions.

To measure what people are buying, marketing people look at the data from governments statistic like the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Consumer Spending. Private companies, such Esri, are available to research the data for you. The business that does the research will find industry association, census data, local chambers of commerce, and many other data sources to use when researching a product possibility.

One method to research the buying patterns of a population has been to use product demand information in conjunction with census data to determine the right product to market. For example, if the industry data shows that a specific demographic buys a certain amount of product, like three eggs per person per week for people over 55 years old, then the census data can be used to predict egg consumption by area.

Hot Product to marketIf the product is a success, often it is available in a franchise or dealership arrangement. A good place to begin looking for products that sell is to check out franchise offerings. A business can find several product marketing choices. Franchises offer experience and brand recognition that can justify the cost of entry. This is why there are so many successful franchises.

There are several marketing decisions and these are important and will determine sales volume. One is the size and quantity of product in a package. Other decisions are the label on the package with regard to its design and the information provided. Still another decision is the shipping and handling. Then the decision must be made about the pricing.

For the product being sold on the internet, the choice of product can be based on research into the keywords that are being searched. A business can find these with a little time and experimentation. The best keyword for the product can have the potential for building high volume traffic. A number of analytical services can be used. Go to your search engine and type Keyword Search and several sources will be be available, most are FREE but there are some modestly priced, more complete programs.

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