Ruth asks…

help please! self improvement here?

okay first ups is i like my sty but i just want to improve on it and i hardly ever shop bc i have only 3 pairs of jeans && yea yea i no tgheres 7 days inna week,**pshh oh well!** lolzzy 😀 well i will go shopping again so if u guys or weehn u guys suggest some stuff for me i will go look for them but ill have to go to a mall with not aloota stores for a mall lyke its not lyke new york cities malls and so i wrote something bout my style so it might help u guys…analyze it as carefully as u want or as less or what eva lolzzy X-)

“If I would have to choose, then my style would be, I guess kind of a Tomboyish style, It’s simple but casual, I like it. It kind of gives off a “I don’t Care about the way I look” Vibe. I’m just not that kind of girl, but I can be…”

but i do do my hair and make up well make up is very natural but sometimes i wear black eyeliner when im in the mood and not iffy on it oh and i like to put a bunch of black eyeliner on then wash it all off foundation and everything and when i do i look really pale and my eyes look pretty i guess and they like all squinty kind of sort of beautiful i guess oh and sometimes when i do it a put clinique brown eyeliner on smude it put mascara on and im done oh and chapstick well if u guys have any makeup tips or anything bc i have a tone of makeup i nebver use i used to go to a modeling school but dont go no more long story but yea oh and on the clothes things i dont like sparkles or anything that stands out or is really shinny and i like only skinny jeans and skinny flare and boot cut pants and i dont look good in those really thin tan cheap pants and
im a size 9-11
and a medium to large in tops
&& a small in tee shirts so yea those r my sizes bc sometimes stuff can look weird if it doesnt fit u that good and also im curvy and and i have chubby cheeks and i hate it! (well hate them) oh and i dont like nething bright and flashy so no neon colors only like dark colors like brown, black,navy blue,grey, dark green,sometimes red and sometimes but rarely white okay now just pleeeeeeeez try to pick out some cute stuff && put the BRAND NAME and amount on it!
PS: i dont well i hate and i wont spend a fortune on one single item even if it loooks like a miracle so thank thank u very much……
seriously thats kinda creepy…..
(baby swamp monster)

MKWeb answers:

Ohhh mandy, well you came and you took without giving. And then you sent me away, ohhh mandy.

Laura asks…

Have any of you guys read this great Blog site called PircktheBrain?

I really like it! I’ve only glimpsed over it, but I’m into this kind of stuff. I think the writer(s) are genius! I really appreciate the advice, and am going to try to apply it to my everyday life. It’s much easier to read, than actually take action and apply positive psychology and self improvement tips to your actual life.
Yeah, sure, here’s the link.

MKWeb answers:

I can’t find it. Can you provide the link?

Michael asks…

I am starting college in a few days, anyone tips?

I am wondering if anyone has any advice for college. I am really interested in your specific experiences and just everything you want to share about your college (or freshman year) experience. If you have things to share about transferring schools and what not that can directly help me, it would be a bonus 🙂

I am literally interested in everything about the college experience. Everything from what you ate, where you studied, how much you partied, how you managed your money, good deals on stuff to buy, things to watchout for, things to do before leaving college, etc etc.

I really have no one in my life who i feel comfortable enough with to ask these kind of things. Also my goal and vision for college is different from the majority of guys my age. I’m more interested in self improvement like working out, cooking the right food for myself, really learning things, and stuff like that. a lot of my friends just worry about sex&party so it’s hard for me to connect with them on this topic.

MKWeb answers:

Well it has been a while but I still remember that college experience was the best I have ever had.

I would suggest that the first thing is to make sure you have an adviser and that you do see him when you have any problems. Be early in registration as courses get filled fast. First year explore the different subjects because you might want to change majors in your second year. If you have a problem with a teacher or a course make sure you drop the course before you have to pay for it fully and that your grade affects your GPA. As for GPA try to start with high GPA as it is easier to get it down them get it up. Finally there are a lot of sharks out there looking for freshmen who have not experience. So if something is too good to be true avoid it. College is a good time to start building your credit line. I took a student visa and still have it now. My credit is perfect, this experience never spend too much and always pay on time. With time you will make lots of friend and out of these some will remain for a life time. So choose well who you hang out with. Good luck and enjoy these years…

Mary asks…

What do people like to read about on internet?

I’m thinking about writing articles, but I’m not sure what to write about. What do people like to read? I can write many things but some of my interests are: music, dancing, movies, self improvement, children/parenting, interesting tips or facts, “how to” advices and many others. Tell me what you think, what do you like to read about mostly?

MKWeb answers:

There is no single word answer to your question.
Taste of subject matter varies, and different people read different items on the internet.

Mandy asks…

Best ways to become super motivated?

I am looking for tips on refocusing on self improvement and becoming more motivated. Sometimes we all just get by, how do you get out of that slump?

MKWeb answers:

Lots of self help motivational psychology books out there.
Anthony Robbins is probably the best known for having proven ways to get really motivated.
I personally like Paul McKenna books because they also come with a self hypnosis tape.
Change Your Life in 7 Days is my favorite.

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