Donald asks…

Can someone recommend a REALLY good self-help/improvement book?

I’m feeling a little down about life right now. I will graduate from college next month with a BA in criminology only to find out all agencies ( by agencies I mean FDLE, DCF, DOC etc,) in my state (Fla) are laying people off because of lack of funding. Teachers are getting laid off, its just horrible. yet the state seems to have enough money to advertise the different lottery games they want people to spend their last dollar playing (figures). It turns out i will have to continue to work at my part time low paying convenience store job until the agencies begin hiring again. Anyhow, I’m looking for a good self-help/improvement book with tips on how to deal with hard times in life, not worrying, etc. Thanks in advance.

MKWeb answers:

I hear that Rhoda Byrne’s “The Secret” is really good. I bought it but haven’t had time to read it yet. Here are some other recommendations though:

7 Free Books that Should Be On Your Shelves:

Your Favorite Productivity Books:

Personally, I find some blogs also pretty informative. They include: (tech productivity, self-improvement, etc) (more self-improvement focused) (as above)


Good luck.

John asks…

Self-study and improvement in breaking?

I would like to get better at breaking. The most I have done is two boards. I’d like to graduate to mulitple bricks, a whole cinderblock and eventually to ice. However, I don’t know any teachers who are breaking specialists.

How can I improve at this through self-study? Any videos, books, and/or exercises recommended? If self-study is not an option, what are some tips on finding someone who is good at breaking to teach me?

MKWeb answers:

If I had a quarter for every board, brick, and concrete block I have broken, I be on vacation.

My point is that I’ve had a lot of breaking experience. After years of research I can find no real connection between the martial arts and breaking. Yeah, there are some myths floating around that martial artists toughened their hands and practiced breaking so that they could break through a Samurai’s armor. That is just a myth.

I quit breaking years ago. I see not point in it and a lot of risk. My self-defense skills are the best they have ever been. When someone ask if I can break a brick with my hand, I simply say, “Why would I want to”?

Breaking has little or nothing to offer you except an expensive way to increase the likelihood that you will injure yourself.

David asks…

I don’t see my own improvement, tips(belly fat)?

I started a low carbohydrate lifestyle about 2 months ago now and have had a substantial weight loss of about 34-35 pounds so far. I started a 5’6 18 year old male weighing 227, I was obese, not horribly but I was and still am. I now weigh about 193. Its nice to get compliments even though I think people are being fake about it quite often. When my friends came home this past colombus day weekend they seemed amazed by the weight-loss. I have always had poor self-esteem but I just can’t see any change in myself, the loss of weight itself and a 5″ slimmer waist has kept me going but it would be nice to be able to see the results and start to become happy with my body, is there any certain that helped anyone else with a similar story be content with their weight loss or at least recognize it?
In addition: I have started to add more fiber to my diet and about a week ago started doing a half an hour jog a day along with other types of weight training and yard work for a loss of belly fat. I am also starting to reintroduce effective carbs into my diet slowly.
Thank you Hannah, however I literally have not watched a full TV show since a little more than 6 months ago, working two jobs and going to college keeps me busy most days and TV is an extreme waste of time to me. I get any current issue information online and could care less about any tabloid bull. And thank you for the recommendation however I believe I am burning enough fat as it is, I am just looking for a better way to see the change and feel better. I never compare myself to others, just have always been disappointed in myself.

MKWeb answers:

Cabbage soup from the cabbage soup diet… Get the ingrediants for just the soup cos this is a fat burning soup, but go easy on it there are some major health risks with over doing it/over eating the soup…. Google it for the ingrediants and good luck =) P.S lots of skinny people also have fat stomachs also, so dont stress out watching them on TV, those on TV spent fortunes and have fortunes to get that way, plus des every one in yoru street have bodys like they all do on TV? NO, its all in the mind, less TV and more working on your self esteem =) realise what it is you like about yourself and dont focus your life around your weight, things can get depressing that way, no one else worries themselves over your weight, so why should you =)

Lizzie asks…

Tell me some tips for developing self confidence?

Positive thinking,improvement of learning new skills

MKWeb answers:

Listen to what your inner voice tells you that you need to do.
Seek out all the inspiration hou need to motivate yourself to get it done.
Do it.
Reap the benfits of the experience and watch your self esteem grow

Susan asks…

Any self improve tips ?

needs improvement on every aspect of life.

MKWeb answers:

If you’re in the work-intensive process of overcoming low self esteem, I certainly don’t need to tell you that it’s a long and uphill battle. There are many reasons for this, according to Psychology Today, but one of the main obstacles that makes this journey so difficult is the environment that surrounds us.

Let’s face it … we live in a world that is increasingly fascinated and focused on the tragic and negative side of life. Want proof? Simply watch the evening news on a regular basis and you’ll quickly discover an efficient medium for evaporating your faith in humanity.

Worse yet, those that buy into this ever-present “gloom and doom” focus, whether they be people in authority positions or your own circle of friends and family, are often more than happy to direct that negativity in your direction. This often manifests itself in a constant preoccupation with “what’s wrong”, “what you did wrong”, “what you should be doing differently” and “why you should be better than you are”.

Obviously, this perpetual bombardment from people you love and/or respect will destroy your sense of self-worth over time – often sooner rather than later. This is easily preventable, but unfortunately we do not have control over the actions of others. However, we do have control over the way in which we internally react to those actions.

Overcoming low self esteem in a tough environment is very challenging – but it is certainly not impossible. I am, thankfully, a prime example of that very fact. But it took a lot of determined work on my part to counteract the negative forces in my own environment.

So how do you counteract all this negativity and start putting up the building blocks of self esteem?

First of all, never miss an opportunity to compliment … especially yourself! Focusing on the positive and handing out a compliment – even for the smallest of accomplishments – is one of the fastest ways to build self esteem, both in yourself and others.

Don’t be stingy! If you were a good parent today and spent some quality time with your child, congratulate yourself. If you spent a few hours cleaning and/or improving some aspect of your home, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. This may seem silly at first, but it is vitally important that you do this on a regular basis. It is your self-designed antidote for the self-image poison that is thrown your way each day, and it is something that you have complete control over.

Secondly, practice the art of gratitude on a regular basis. Unfortunately, taking things for granted is an easy trap to fall into and can cause you to miss all the blessings in your life. Make it a point to look for things in your life that you can be grateful for, such as: personal health, healthy children, a nice place to live, a job to go to, good friends, clean clothes, a vehicle, a nice day. The list goes on and on, but you need to put some effort into building it. A grateful heart is inherently focused on what is good in life and in one’s world.

So in summary, start building your self esteem as soon as possible by focusing on what is good in the world and in your life, and also on all of the things that you can be grateful for. Yes, overcoming low self esteem is definitely something you can do! But it is going to take consistent, conscious and vigilant effort on your part.

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