Donald asks…

self improvement tips?

i need help on overcoming a problem, when im around people, i worry and fear what they think about, its like my mind wants to figure out if there picking me apart. thanks for any help
i need help on overcoming a problem, when im around people, i worry and fear what they think about, its like my mind wants to figure out if there picking me apart or maybe its just me, thanks for any help

MKWeb answers:

Whatever your problem might be on all levels of your existence, there are certain steps you need to take to solve it in the best and creative way. One step follows the other and one can’t jump a step to have a faster result or because one doesn’t feel comfortable to do one necessary step that shows up as the next to take. There are steps that one can work on in a parallel way at the same time, but mostly they unfold one after the other.
Steps: If you want to solve a problem at a mechanical level, for example with your car, then you need to know how the car works in its various functions, about each piece and how they all work together, influencing each other in their function. That is logical and easy to understand, although people sometimes are manipulating their car without really knowing what they do, when they just treat a symptom.
Eliminating this then might cause a more serious damage at another part and even might destroy the motor! So it is more intelligent and probably cheaper to ask a professional about it and let him repair it if you don’t want to invest the time and energy to invest and learn about it profoundly, to be able to repair your car yourself.
In your case, even though one can compare the human system with something mechanical, it is more different in solving the problem at a psychic level. The first step is that one is aware of the problem that shows up, then the next is that one wants to solve it and so looks around to find a solution, that includes that one asks question and expects that one receives an answer from somebody who knows about it, that means a person who has enough experience to give information about what can help. At the best this is an information that can help so that one can help oneself. For this there are some basic conditions: One need to take self responsibility getting out of dependencies and one needs to be motivated enough and ready to go for it. That’s what you have done with your question. Now you are receiving an answer and it depends on how ready and open you are so that you can use my answer and others.
Let’s continue these thoughts: You need to know your system, so it will be necessary that to learn and investigate about it. You need to find out about every thing you can find about the ‘human system’ and ‘human nature’ in all aspects and on all levels. This is a serious work and it is involves your engagement and time. Are you willing for this? I hope that you don’t just prefer a ‘quick fix’ like most of people?
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Michael asks…

Tips on Self improvement?

Well let start off with describing what kind of person i am.
I’m a 6’4, 210lbs college basketball player. I’m the star player for my team. I am also an Actor/Model. I’m very attractive. I’m highly smart and i have a great sense of humor. I’m am the biggest jock but i am also the biggest nerd ever. I love to play video game, watch cartoons, and i am the president of the chess club. I love to party. i love to have a good time. I have a 4.0. I am very passionate at whatever i do, and i am very confident in my abilities. I really love people. I hear from girls that i am very romantic and i i’m great in bed also. I am very very very social, I’m very popular, But i am wondering how can i improve in a womans eyes. What else would make me super attractive and to die for? How can i improve myself as far as talking to girls and understanding them for what they really are and appreciating them for who they are (from a psychological stand point)?
Girls are very unique

MKWeb answers:

If they can’t like you for who you are already, why change? They aren’t worth your time!

Sharon asks…

Self improvements tips?

What can i do to improve my:


Thanks alot


I am talking about general self improvements like improving fitness.

MKWeb answers:

-General knowledge
-Basic skills [cooking, chores etc]

Good luck

David asks…

Reaching Goals: I need tips on how to accomplish all I want to do in life.?

I have tried writing my goals down. It works sometimes, but I can’t keep that routine.

I have tried motivation tips.

What I feel I really need is a course that helps me to discover exactly what I want out of life. Something that is career based, and aimed at self improvement.

MKWeb answers:

Try the book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven R. Covey.

Motivation isn’t hard if you are doing what you feel is important. Some people climb the ladder, only to find that it is leaning against the wrong building. Before you decide on a course of action, you should decide what matters most to you. I get the distinct impression that you are not impressed with your life, or your goals. Perhaps a career isn’t your highest priority. Perhaps you would like to be anxiously engaged in a worthy cause. Perhaps you would like a sense of mission. Perhaps you would like to know what God’s plans are for you – if you are indeed willing to follow him.

If all you want is a career – try What Color is my Parachute? If you want goal setting and goal evaluation, read Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. If you want to be spiritually fulfilled, go to the following website and ask for the Missionary Discussions. There is a live chat, and they can set up a private meeting at no cost. The missionaries will teach you what you need to do in order to progress spiritually, and receive answers to your prayers.

Lisa asks…

What are the best sales tips? (im starting a new job selling shoes next week in a store)?

I’d love to receive any sincere advice. I’m looking for honest ways of self-improvement not cheap tricks to fool the customers. thanks!

MKWeb answers:

Just be sincere and say what about the shoe to them.
If they look good, praise them.
If they dont, tell them tactfully. E.g, ” i think the shoe doesnt bring out the “THING” in you. “.

if your boss happen to ( touch wood) hear it,
and you ( touch wood) got fired,
at least your conscience is clear. :)).
Cheerio. And happy working !

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