Betty asks…

Self Denial Quote?

I need to find a good inspirational quote that is about self denial; self denial for improvement.
Probably something by Buddha, or Kali Gibran?
I dont want anything by christ. I’m not chirstian and i think its bullshit.

MKWeb answers:

“The first and best victory is to conquer self.”

— Plato

Joseph asks…

What do you think of these quotes from a worthless liberal?

“A government of reason is better than one of force.” –Thomas Jefferson to Richard Rush, 1820. ME 15:284

“I am not myself apt to be alarmed at innovations recommended by reason. That dread belongs to those whose interests or prejudices shrink from the advance of truth and science.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Manners, 1814. ME 14:103

“What an effort… of bigotry in politics and religion have we gone through! The barbarians really flattered themselves they should be able to bring back the times of Vandalism, when ignorance put everything into the hands of power and priestcraft. All advances in science were proscribed as innovations. They pretended to praise and encourage education, but it was to be the education of our ancestors. We were to look backwards, not forwards, for improvement.” –Thomas Jefferson to Joseph Priestley, 1801. ME 10:228

“Ignorance and bigotry, like other insanities, are incapable of self-government.” –Thomas Jefferson to Lafayette, 1817. ME 15:116
i suppose now you’ll tell me how Dubya knows better than Jefferson, huh?
Did you know that Jefferson was an atheist?

MKWeb answers:

I love em, Thomas Jefferson was a true patriot, now look at what we have running our country! Only NEOCONS are pleased about it, makes one think if they’re mentally stable.

Susan asks…

How much do you agree with my criticism?

As I am concerned about individual well-being and success everyday, I read a quite bit of random quotes and self-help articles for support and improvement.

Over all. I truely think that the message at the end of the day is everyday improvement and really being larger than life rather than a dude or gal who feel like prisoners of a matrix.

Recently, I have been asking some questions which you might find interesting. There was an exercise in a book called “Discover your Genius”,by Michael J. Gelb, which instructed me to write 100 questions on a piece of paper non-stop. The exercise mentioned that the first 40 or so questions will be repetitive and it is normal for them to be very ego centeric (success in career, relationships, etc) and that the true questions would come out after the 60th question or so. When I began the exercise, not surprisingly, the first 40-50 questions revolved around career, relationships to God/others, improving my life , etc, etc. But towards the end the questions became much more purpose oriented like who am I? Why am I here? what is my purpose?

So after that exercise I began to examine my life to answer the purpose questions. For example today I encountered an advice for someone who wanted to be a serious teacher. The advice was as follows:
“”we can either teach for the world we live in, or for the world in which we want to live”. While this question might sound interesting to someone who wants to start as a teacher, I raise the question:

If we want to make the world we like to live in, then how do we know we are creating the right world? Are we not prone to a lot of mistakes and errors? In this case, why would a student suffer from consequences of us wanting to teach him/her with the way we want to live in the world…isn’t there a strong ego-centeric wieght on this advice? Does it sound like “This is how we do , this where we are from…” sort of thing.
In other cases, some one who dreamed of carriages without horses and ended up inventing automobiles, without worrying about the consequences such as pollution and turmoil over oil, etc etc or the formula E = MCsquared which ended up for use as the nuclear bomb in Japan.
Do we just do things to live in the wold we want to live in but not worry about the consequences?
What do you think?

MKWeb answers:

This is what I talk about when I say that people are built with an innate desire to reach outside of themselves and this “matrix” for something that will fill that void. All I can suggest for you is Jesus Christ. My faith suggests that our severed relationship with God is what causes that feeling of incompleteness. And since that’s my faith, that’s all I know to suggest to you.

Peace. God bless.

Michael asks…

Would you rate my essay, please? What do you think about it?

”Knowledge like the sky is never private property”
(Abraham Joshua Heschel)
I’ll be honest here. This statement when I first read it made no sense to me whatsoever. Having interpreted this question to be more relating to ”Intellectual property” and confidential information I thought ”What absurd! Intellectual property exists to motivate people to create intellectual property. Why spend years inventing something if anyone else could copy it and make it impossible for you to recover your investment of time and money and make a profit? The odds are against you to start with; if the result is not private for at least a short while, there wouldn’t be any incentive. Privacy would be essentially gone since anyone would be at the mercy of whoever wished to ferret out private ”knowledge”.” So, I figured, it’s one of those statements (like ”The Internet is free”) that sounds good on a bumper sticker but makes no sense on a closer examination.
Not being satisfied with this conclusion I decided to look up and, it turns out — this quote has an essential part missing! The full citation looks like this: Knowledge like the sky is never private property… Teaching is the art of sharing.
Now, that’s different! How very true! A profound statement — I agree that all knowledge should be shared, but sadly it doesn’t work like that — many people keep information to themselves whereas in sharing it they could help others. Hence this is a sign of their insecurity. Only people who don’t have enough love for themselves don’t delight in sharing. I believe they sort of get their feeling of importance by keeping whatever it is they have learned to themselves… But, I think it’s their problem and it’s them who suffer most. For the Golden Rule swings both ways…
All figurative language aside, there’s been a lot of speculation recently whether knowledge should be free or not. But I find this question rather relative… There are two kinds of knowledge, you know. Knowledge that is sold and knowledge you can aquire yourself which is a major tool for selfimprovement. If it’s the type of knowledge you buy by attending school, university, college etc. – than it’s one thing. You have to go to school so you can make it in this life, i.e. get a good job etc. It’s an imperative part of the economy. The very fabric of it would begin unravelling if you didn’t have to pay for your education. It’s really the same thing as believing that the simple things like air, water and place to live ought to be free. Still they’re a necessary evil — as is balancing the checkbook. That makes me concerned though, about skyrocketing college costs. It’s almost like some powerful forces want fewer and fewer people get a quality education.
That brings me to the second kind of knowledge — the one you get for free. Why not use familiar or local resources to learn something new? Like, visit a library? Library has aptly been described as the people’s university. It provides free and open access to anyone in the world without distinction to nationality or income. The physicist Richard Feynman wrote a book titled ”The Pleasure of Finding Things Out”. The facts are there for everyone and all possibilities are worth researching. So if there’s something someone wants to find out, I always tell them to start with the place that’s got it all — the library.
But whatever kind of knowledge one prefers, I would say knowledge is like the sky, because the sky is high and knowledge is something to aspire to. Also, when you are up in the sky, you get a good view of everything, and knowledge is something that gives you good perspective, as well. I am always eager to learn, because in some ways, the reward is in the development. The more you learn, the more you want to know.
I understand why Abraham Heschel was of the opinion that teaching is the art of sharing. When you learn something you talk to others about it. Knowledge cannot grow in a vacuum. Study and conversation can only get you so far. After a while you have to get out there and experience things for yourself. Then after you incorporate the newly obtained knowledge into your own thinking you may or may not be ready to share your knowledge with others. Therefore the nature of the learning process is that of discovery, discussion and reflection. Sharing thus comes as a result.
Knowledge is power. One may be surprised to discover that such an investment of time or money might actually pay off in a bigger way than he expected. The knowledge you gain will be aptly applied to things that pop up later down the line. It’s hard to regret the time you’ve spent on learning for it is always worthwhile.

MKWeb answers:

It’s obviously an opinionated essay rather than one based on fact alone. Well, it’s rather short so I’ll go ahead and assume that is how it should be? You’re using hyphens in some places where a semicolon should be used, but generally your grammar is reasonable. Oh, and you shouldn’t use “etc” in an essay.

Sharon asks…

Girls advice me , need help here?

I need an honest opinion
My profile is on a dating site, this is what i wrote in my profile
please read it and let me know what you think of me

Well I am a nice guy who enjoys about every thing.I am an Educated Professional working in IT Field. To me the only time worth having is a good time and I will leave it at that. I love to have a great time, socializing, partying, meeting people old and new, my family, quiet nights, movies, internet, great food,music, listening to the ocean at night, and self improvement are my favorite things. I love life :). I like animals as well, so if you have a cat, dog or anything else that is fine!.

I love to surprise the person that I am with ….with roses,little things. I am a guy that will always open and close the door,listen to that person and most importantly be there for that person when she needs me. If you have Kids that’s OK.I do want to get married one day and settle with kids. Depending on the situation and whom I with, I can be extremely serious or a sarcastic goofball.

Like every man I want an attractive woman, but just because a woman is attractive doesn’t mean she’s QUALITY. If we’re talking QUALITY here, I’m looking for traits OTHER THAN beauty… like intelligence, character, confidence, charm, trustworthiness, kindness, etc.

I like meeting people from different cultures, its a great feeling for me. I traveled many places in recent years, I have been to Oklahoma, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Washington, California, Arizona, and Connecticut.

I am not racist, I just like white women

Here is a quote I like to share with folks here “We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act.”

My future goal is to Learn Yoga and Meditation

Note: I am not into playing games, neither i expect the same from you, also If you are not what you wrote in your profile, please move on, its waste of time for you, I can spot you from miles away

Honest answer will get 10 points
Also tell me should i improve it or add new details or is it good as it is

MKWeb answers:

Good Luck in your future career.

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