Mary asks…

What was one step you took today towards self-improvement?

and how do you plan on that progress?


: . . .

MKWeb answers:

I stood up straight and looked at the sky instead of the floor all the time. It felt good, but it was cold as heck today. So windy that I got swept off my feet. And, now I’m sick. :o(

Mark asks…

which virtue did Franklin have the most trouble with?

which virtue did Franklin have the most trouble with? how could Franklin’s self-improvement plan be applied fruitfully to your own life?

MKWeb answers:

Franklin tried really hard but I think he had trouble with ALL the virtues. Not that he was a bad guy, he is my favorite Founding Father and would be lots of fun to hang with. But he was a bit of a character!

David asks…

What are some other good books out about relationships?

I just finished reading Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I absolutely loved it.
It is a self-improvement book, and I plan to read a few others by that author.
I’m open for any suggestions. They do not have to be self-improvement.
They can be fiction or non-fiction.
I am a teenager, so I would rather nothing too complex.
Any good book that deal with relationships, preferably between a boyfriend and girlfriend

Please do not suggest the Twilight Saga, I have already read the series.

MKWeb answers:

“I Kissed Dating Goodbye” by Joshua Harris (it’s a real fun read. Trust me!)

“Boy Meets Girl” by Joshua Harris

Susan asks…

songs to feel good and dance to?

Recently, my boyfriend left me for someone else. I was destroyed and with a really low self-esteem. So now I am working on a self-improvement plan to feel better about myself. I have been working out everyday and I already made some accomplishments. Part of this plan includes dancing. I love to dance and it makes me feel so much better about who I am. Can anyone please recommend songs that will get me pumped up and ready to feel good?
Lyrics and beat are important.

MKWeb answers:

This river is wild-the killers
human-the killers
dear child-anthony green
smile like you mean it-the killers
bones-the killers
***pretty much anything by the killers….lol =] im a big fan of them

Robert asks…

I need a murder attempt at the weekend self improvement workshop.?

I’ve been going through the headlines for ideas but everybody just shoots everybody. Boring. I’ve thought of pushing something heavy off the balcony, poison in the beverage, a banana peel on the stairs. All the usual stuff but I want something different. People have separate rooms but the wannabe murderer has access. It can’t be something premeditated that takes a lot of planning because the idea doesn’t occur until everyone is already there. Any suggestions.
I’m not going to do it, crisma. I’m a writer. Not only that but the murder attempt is destined to fail. It’s a comedy.

MKWeb answers:

Hmmm. An “attempt” implies that the person survived the action, and could finger you as the perp. Perhaps a strangulation from behind? Smothering? Something that the victim couldn’t see, so the investigation would be very challenging. You could try some kind of martial arts that only required a few fingers in strategic points to kill… Try doing a google search on unsolved murders. Good Luck.

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