James asks…

Prepare a self-improvement plan for yourself. Give action plan?

Prepare a self-improvement plan for yourself. Give action plan

PZ give answer

MKWeb answers:

Everybody needs a different self improvement plan to improve themselves. We are are all very unique this way. For some advice go to

Ken asks…

Prepare a self-improvement plan for the next one year?

MKWeb answers:

Visit my site, www.EndlessLegacy.US
Fill out the estate planning form.
Take that filled-in form to a local CLU (listed in your phone book under INSURANCE).
The CLU will help advise you on how to get where you want to go. If you can find a CLU with a ChFC, you are doing great. The first is a Chartered Life Underwriter, the second is the Chartered Financial Consultant.

Listen to CDs and read a book or two.
The average American does not read one book a month.
THAT is why he is average.

George asks…


how does it look like .Create an idel schedule for your days .
Time activities
1- _______ – wake up
6-________-go to bed
basically how you want to change into a better life .. .. ..

MKWeb answers:

Ideal schedule?
1- Wake up at 9 am
2- Go to the beach at 10 am
3- Have lunch at 12 pm
4- Go to the mall/movies at 2 pm
5- Go to guitar classes at 4 pm
6- Party till 12 am

Sorry but this would be my ideal life

Helen asks…

Areas of self Improvement?

What areas of your life do you need do consider when considering a self improvement plan?

MKWeb answers:

It depends on whats depressing you the most. For me its my confidence in my personality and my dating life. Majorly my dating life. But i hated my personality so ive been working on changing it and im happily near the 180 mark now. But Im still working on my dating confidence. My eprsonality and my lack of love life is what uupsets me the most, so it makes sense that they are the areas i need to work on.

Laura asks…

what plans do you have on self improvement in the coming year ?

I have always been working towards improving my position in life. Next year I hope to finish my degree or be close enough to finishing my degree.

What are some of your plans?

MKWeb answers:

I am going to do better next semester; I am wasting my time and money by not studying and getting watered down grades. Now that I’m in college it’s time to take school very seriously; I shouldn’t be fooling around anymore.

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