Ruth asks…

Need help! Give me Self-Improvement Goal Ideas! ~Your Goals~ ~A Goal for me personally~ ~Serious or Silly~ Any?

MKWeb answers:

Learn to write a sentence correctly?

Start reading a book per week.

Volunteer at your local nursing home for a few hours every weekend.

Find a recipe that appeals to you and learn to make it perfectly.

Do three acts of kindness everyday without any expectation of gratitude.

Memorize The Ten Commandments.

Read 5 chapters of the Bible every morning.

Learn a foreign language.

Go fly a kite today, walk on the beach, tour a pumpkin farm – alone and observing every thing around you.

Exercise every morning.

Give up caffeine.

Limit your time on the computer.

Charles asks…

self improvement, any ideas? pics inside!?
this is me, and i look quite pale and ill so any tinted moisiturisers or fake tans that would suit me, like what shade etc and would this hair color suit me too?
im going to the hairdressers next week and they’re stripping my color
anyway so i can ahve any color, i just wondered if that one would suit me.

any makeup ideas?
thanks xxxx

MKWeb answers:

I have pale skin tone too. For makeup go natural. And for hair color just go the color that makes you look good

Donna asks…

How does the idea of “just being your self,” fit in with the idea of “self-improvement’?

MKWeb answers:

Well not many people would have a strong idea of what their self is. If pushed for an answer, chances are they will admit that they don’t know themselves very well. And that’s reasonable, people only have one perspective from which to view themselves and that perspective is often being focused on external situations.

So, if you don’t know yourself, then you’re going to have a hard time “just being your self”. Therefore self improvement could be seen as getting to know your self so that you can just be what you are.

Chris asks…

Self improvement?

I want to improve myself by joining positive activities. I just can recall learning to cook, dance and …… any more ideas pls?? thx!

MKWeb answers:

Volunteer work.

Lisa asks…

Are you open to the idea of self improvement? Or do you think it is changing who you are as a person?

if you realise something you do is horrible, do you try and change or is it just you as a person?

How do you tell the difference between what behaviour is you as a person and what needs to be changed?

MKWeb answers:

I hate change, but when I see what things in myself are bad or hurtful to myself/others, then I want to change that badly. I’m still working on that now too. I’m very insecure, and that effects every aspect of my life, in a bad way, so I’m trying to fix that.

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