Thomas asks…

Does anyone know where i can find deportment, etiquette or self improvement classes?

I live in the minneapolis area and want to find etiquette or deportment classes; how to talk how to walk manners that kind of thing… I know they exist for younger children, but i’m trying to find ones for adults. I’ve checked the net and come up blank if anyone could help that would be awsome.

MKWeb answers:

I’d check around with the local modeling agencies- they’d know. Good luck!

Joseph asks…

Online self improvement classes?

I have concocted a plan to be the best person I can be. I was wondering if there was an accredited or less expensive course I can do in being assertive, more confident and with higher self esteem and learn to speak in a more articulate voice online. These are the things I want to work on and I do not really want to go to classes. I was wondering if anywhere online has these courses?

MKWeb answers:

Thats a difficult one, there is free courses at some of which i believe can help you feel more confident and for articulation what country are you from? Email me and if i will see if i can help at all

Sharon asks…

Class Project-Self Improvement?

For an English class i have to make a video on a goal i set for myself meant to improve me. it can be anything from losing weight, learning to play guitar, or bringing up my grades. But i would like a non-school related goal that isn’t about weight. Ideas?
PS I’m not much into learning an instrument.

MKWeb answers:

Will you be going to college nearby or far away?

Perhaps you can do a video on how to get to college – bus, car, train, etc. The most cost effect way and the quickest way.

There’s always road construction or accidents on my way to work. It’s very helpful that I took the time to find 2-3 different ways to arrive at work.

When you’re in college, things are very expensive and you need to budget your money. In addition to tuition and books, there’s transportation, parking, student fees, activities, and unexpected happenings, like a flat tire (patch or buy new).

And food. Will you eat at home or in the cafeteria or make your lunch?

Your goal could be estimating how much expenses will be for one semester and taping the various places you can go to accomplish staying on a budget.

Mary asks…

Name some good hobbies/classes that can be taken for fun?

I’m a 22 year old male, looking for numerous ideas as to things that I can do when out of work.Some for fun, but self improvement is always more interesting and useful.

I came up with things like this..cookiing classes, scuba diving class, salsa classes,etc..
I’m not talking so much about building models and things like that.
Rather the improvement type of things.

MKWeb answers:

Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but martial arts. You are about the same age as I am and its a good time to start. I do karate personally but any type of martial art is good. This is because it not only keeps you in great shape, but it is fun, and has practical applications as well. Kovars and places like that can be kind of expensive, but there are much cheaper ones around. I go to a Dojo 5x a week in California for only $20 a month.

Also, this is something that if you get into it, you will be doing the rest of your life.

William asks…

where can I find information about health screenings, and wellness programs and health insurance companies?

I have a homework assignment that requires me to gather info about health screenings, fitness center amenities, self-improvement classes, and wellness program benefits. Any and all help is appreciated!

MKWeb answers:

Either go to your public library and scan the books in the sections you have mentioned, or google them up. Either way you’ll get lots of info.

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