John asks…

Why do self-improvement books are popular and sell like hot cakes?

Writers like Robin Sharma, Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale and others are a standing testimony to this fact. Don’t you agree?

MKWeb answers:

People are trying to end their suffering.

The Tibetan Bon Nag have what we call the four thoughts. They are:

1. Life is suffering
2. Desire causes suffering
3. Cut the desire and you end the suffering
4. You are very fortunate to have been born a human this lifetime. Don’t waste the opportunity. Do everything you can to seek Liberation from suffering.

These particular types of writers on some level know the truth of # 1 and so do their readers.

Helen asks…

Can you recommend some good SELF IMPROVEMENT BOOKS for me? Preferably on improvement in my SOCIAL LIFE?

I need a book that will teach me how to be more charismatic so I’ll be able to meet more people next year when I move to a new school.

MKWeb answers:

“Awaken the Giant Within” – Anthony Robbins
“How to Win Friends and Influence People” – Dale Carnegie

Donna asks…

Do those self improvement books help?

You know, those books that teach you to improve your life, how to control your emotions and stuffs, improve your iq. Are they actually useful? I am considering to buy them.

MKWeb answers:


Mark asks…

Self improvement books for new manager?

I am a new manager in one of the big corporations in Silicon Valley. I am looking for some books on management or leadership for self improvement purpose. Anybody have any good recommendation?

MKWeb answers:

You will find the book, From Good to Great, by Jim Collins not only helpful for self-improvement but also for assessing your department and employees as well. It is not full of cliche’s and it emphasizes strength based skills and strategies for achievement and profitability.

Ruth asks…

Any good self improvement books?

I am 14 years old (girl) and i would like to read any good self improvement books. I’ve read chicken soup before and to be honest, i don’t really like it that much, So none of those kind of books. Also, this is a new genre of book that i am trying out so please tell me anything that will fit my age. I don’t want to start out reading hard books because I probably won’t be interested. Also, i’ll be glad if it’s enjoyable to read. Thank you! 🙂

MKWeb answers:

*The Little Book Of Confidence by Susan J. Jeffers

*Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan J. Jeffers

*The Girl’s Guide to Loving Yourself by Diane Mastromarino

*No Body’s Perfect by Kimberly Kirberger

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