Daniel asks…

Self Improvement Books?

Hello…. I’m interested in self improvement books. Lots of these seem to heve been written around the turn of the century to the 1930’s, and sometimes the language seems to be from a different age…. are here any modern translations of these books?

Those of you who are followers of this kind of stuff will know what I’m referring to. Think Dale Carnegie/ James Allen???
Soory, meant turn of last century….

MKWeb answers:

My humble suggestions:
By Dr. W.Dyer: Real magic, You´ll see it when you believe it
By Dr. S.R.Covey: Principle Centered Leadership, 7 habits of highly effective people
By A. Robbins: Unlimited power
By D. Waitley: Empires of the mind
By M. Sinetar: Developing a 21st century mind
By R.L.Dilenschneider: Power and influence
By B. Sher: Live the life you love
By V. Bennet: I´ve found the keys, now where is the car?
And many more will give you the life you always dreamed of!

Paul asks…

Self-Improvement books?

Whos was this guy who arote many self-improvement books some time ago. It was a famous person, he like wrote several books that were ver effecteve.

If you don’t know what his name was, what other books do you know that are good?

MKWeb answers:

The best self book that I know of is the Universal Path to enlightenment. Most of the other ones only help temporary problems but this book helps all problems and how to end suffering completely. You can get it on http://www.stephen-knapp.com He has so many other books there also The Key to real happiness. And e-books too.

Steven asks…

Self improvement books?

Any self improving books recommended for a teenager? Also its enjoyable to read as well thx!

MKWeb answers:

Self improvement books is just one of those topics that is important that will involve knowledgeable tending to about

Laura asks…

what self improvement books should i read, based on my track record?

48 laws of power
how to win friends and influence people
what smart students know
the richest man in babylon
think and grow rich
a woman’s guide to finding her inner french girl
energy secrets
can we live 150 years

i seriously recommoend those books to EVERYONE

any other great ones?

MKWeb answers:

I liked skinny bitch. It’s a book about going vegan, a really fast read.

Donna asks…

Can self improvement books really help?

I’m looking for a really good self-improvement about change, being single, living as an independent woman. Any suggestion?

MKWeb answers:

Yes, precisely the book you can find out more, would not we all learned and knowledge from books, that’s why we can gain knowledge.

More information about self improvement,you can check this site : http://www.allselfimprovementsecret.com

Hope You Like it


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