Linda asks…

Self improvement?

I strive everyday to be excellent. I work out…get my lessons together,try to be the first one at work, and I am going to grad school in the fall…..even though I will be 31. This is not just a list of my accomplishments. I want to know if anyone out there feels the way I feel about self improvement. If you do, let me know.

MKWeb answers:

Yeah, I’ve got a bunch of goals I’m working on for self improvement.

Mandy asks…

Self Improvement?

What would you say is the single key thing that you should apply if you want to use self improvement to have a better life?

MKWeb answers:

Know yourself. You can’t improve yourself if you first don’t know who you are and what you are improving about yourself. And you have to want to have a better life.

OOO.. The Secret..

Steven asks…


I am a 28 year old lady, and recently started thinking of working on my self-imporvement. I figured it is good to start with the way I look – like keeping my nails done, thinking of color balance of the clothes I wear etc. I also started thinking abt health which encouraged me to join the gym and smoke less. Do you have any ideas of good ways of self-improvement? I feel I need to become a better person, also people who look nice and are positive and nice to everybody, tend to be more successful in their life. If you have any ideas of what areas in a person usually need improvement, and more importantly, the ways how you can become a better person, please drop a note! Thank you in advance.

MKWeb answers:

Hello kavai,

Congrats on your decision to work on yourself to become the outstanding person you were designed to be.

Once you start to make the changes, you will not want to look back.

There are tons of self improvement tools available for you to help you in this journey. A good place to start is to pick one of the well known self improvement teachers and become a student of their work, either by reading, listening to audio, or even attending an event. You will find free information about self improvement teachers and concepts at

It also has information about affirmations, inspirational quotes and other cool stuff.

Personally, I’ve been deeply involved in self improvement for over 10 years now. I would say you are unlikely to go wrong with anything Tony Robbins.

Also, you may want to check out some online forums dedicated to supporting one another in their self improvement quest. A really good one is

Hope this helps and to cheers to your continued personal wellness,


Maria asks…

self improvement?

what are some of the things I should do to improve my self physically and mentally.

physcal-teeth, skin,body, clothes, posture, nails.
mental-carefree, humble, good communicator, etc
Ok the things that i have listed is what I have already worked on, I need to expand my list

MKWeb answers:

Your example is a lot to work on ALL at once…

Try one or two things at a time…small things. Sometimes when you start on something physical…it will then help some of the mental.

Once you get over a couple of small hurdles…then you go on to the more challenging things.

Skin…use a wash cloth in the shower…then lotion… Body…depends on what you are looking for…toning?…start with 10 sit-ups a night… There is so much that is so easy to start.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Daniel asks…


how to improve ourselves without getting bored or feel uncomfortable with it? or, just ‘be yourself’, and let the time change you?

MKWeb answers:

Try to see the positive aspect in everything around you, and then every thing will change… Even you. And at the same time you are still yr self.

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