David asks…

I have just done an online self esteem test what does my score mean ?

I had a score of 46 is that good or bad and what does it show ?
How do I improve my self esteem ?

MKWeb answers:

It means take one single thing that you would enjoy doing, but have not done, and take the steps to do it. Have fun.

Sandy asks…

have you ever taken the rosenberg self esteem test?


it has been proven to be a valid and reliable measure of self esteem. i scored a 16 out of thirty which is OK for self esteem. what did you get?
edit: why would you hope for a low score?

MKWeb answers:

22. I was hoping for a 9.

Lisa asks…

Self Esteem test, would you,,?

Which job would you most likely apply for?
self esteem, is broken down to self worth,
Dont give me, anything about your knowledge related, or educations, or experience. I want to see where you think you would feel most comfortable, Not What you wish for, What would you really apply for. If you were job searching today!

$7 hr, $10 hr, $15 hr, $20 hr, $30 hr, $50 hr, $75 hr, $100 hr, $200 hr, $500 hr, $1000 Plus hr

MKWeb answers:

$100 to $200 an hour.
I work very hard, but I don’t want to totally screw others.

Betty asks…

Take this self-esteem test!?

And tell me what you get!

Score ranges from 0-30. 15-25 is normal. 25 and higher is high. And lower than 15 is low selfesteem.
I got a 27!

MKWeb answers:

9 – but I’m working on it.

Jenny asks…

Self-Esteem/Confidence online test?

I want to do a SelfEsteem/Confidence online test, does anybody know where I can do one that is relaible?

MKWeb answers:

Take five or ten and this will boost your confidence …and the resulting awareness may eleminate the need for taking more tests

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