Joseph asks…

Do you shop at Self Esteem Clothing?

what are their clothes like?

MKWeb answers:

Go to google type in self esteem clothing and check it out!!
I just did right now….

Their clothes pretty CUTE!!
Acutally HAWTT.
Especially if your a prepp!

Maria asks…


Okay. I asked a question before (a while ago) about my “superstar mom” and your answers really helped. Well, now school is about to start up again and she keeps talking to me about doing cheerleading or volleyball, or anything really just as long as it is a sport. I did the volleyball camp and found out that I seriously sucked. I mean, I’m not even overexaggerating…i’m dead serious there were kids 5 years younger than me that were 10x better. I can’t do a kick or toe touch for cheerleading. I can yell a cheer but thats about it. I’m really not a sports person at all. I’m more of the showchoir, loves to shop, hangs with friends, plays beach volleyball, and dances for fun.

My mom asked me why I won’t try out. I told her that it was because I’m really self-concious. At volleyball camp I heard people talking about how suckish I was. I don’t care if people think I’m a loser or dumb, or blah blah blah…what gets me is what people say about my looks, weight, etc…Please help me.
Also at the end of last year somebody started a really nasty rumor about me. They said that I was bi-sexual and that I was emo. And I guess I’m pretty popular or something because I had random people come up and ask me about it. I AM NOT EITHER OF THOSE THINGS. I AM STRAIGHT AND “NORMAL”. The rumor is still going on because my neighbor asked me about it the other day. Its almost the end of july!!! please help me.

MKWeb answers:

Do what you want, and DON’T care what others think about you, don’t let them get in the way of what YOU want. I used to be a suckish cheerleader, but now I’m on Varsity. I worked hard for what I wanted, and it’s worth it.

Mandy asks…

What can I do to stop feeling insecure and raise my self esteem.?

I’m 23 years old and I’ve had very low self esteem my entire life. I don’t know why.

My parents were great — they always encouraged me, but whenever I messed up a little as a kid, I felt like a failure.

Whenever a man expresses interest in me the first thing I ask myself is, “What’s wrong with him? I’m not that pretty/thin/interesting/smart for him to want to date me”.

When someone criticizes me, I keep replaying it over and over in my mind. I hate being in a social situation where I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen.

For instance, a guy invited me out for a cup of coffee and I got so anxious that I drove around the coffee shop for like 20 minutes before I could go in.
PS: I’ve been to three therapists. None have really helped. One put me on Prozax, which made me suicidal. Now I don’t see anybody and I try and hide my feelings.

MKWeb answers:

Dear Glorie box, you are a good person- remember that first. Do not set high expectations in any endeavour; take it a step at a time. Be happy. Happiness is a positive choice one has to make. ” Today I will be happy no matter what.” Whenever faced with criticism of any sort, repeat in your mind “I AM THE BEST” over and over. Look in your mirror and feel good about yourself. Laugh a lot. Smile at everyone and you will get plenty in return. Write some affirmations down and stick them where you will see them first thing you wake up. Look good, feel good and do good. Your self esteem and self confidence will grow in leaps and bounds.
Do NOT take meds. That would mean you have accepted that something is wrong with you. It is not true. Lastly believe sincerely in your personal God. He/She is always very close behind you ever ready to help. God bless you.

Ken asks…

Why am I so depressed and why does my self-esteem suck?

Lately I’ve been so depressed and I will admit to thinking about suicide quite often. It just seems like there isn’t anything or anyone to live for. Everything I do is just boring to me. Tonight I was with family and they were all lighting off fireworks and I just sat there the whole time and it wasn’t fun at all. I used to love doing that. It seems like people would be better off if I was out of their way. I don’t know if anyone would really even miss me. My selfesteem is like negative 5 million. I can’t do anything infront of people. Plus I have social anxiety disorder so I can’t do normal things that people do like shopping, or really going much of anywhere. Nobody understands me and I feel like I’m all alone. You think out of all the people in the world there would be at least one person that understands me. I wait and wait for things to get better but they never do. I wonder if my entire life will be like this. I just want to be happy and confident, is that too much to ask? HELP!

MKWeb answers:

You really need help. Go to a counsellor so that you will
have somebody to talk to without anybody knowing what
you feel. After relating to her all your problems, for sure
she can come up with somethings you can do to control
or lessen your depression. You did right in writing and
asking help from other people like me for help. However,
I am not in a position to offer you options, so take my advice
and see a professional who can really help you. Go now.

Lisa asks…

Is a person addicted to shopping, alcohol, or gambling; necessarily suffering from low self esteem?

If so, how can they be helped?

MKWeb answers:

Not necessarily, but they need help. 99% of the time, an addict will need outside help (whether they want it or not is a different story), whether it be a sponsor or a group counseling setting etc.

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