Ken asks…

What is the deal with “self esteem” issues?

I never understood how people use the dreaded “self esteemissues when making excuses for others. Or when they use the term against people that disagree with them.

What are self esteem issues?

And why is the term used mostly with females?

Per Diedra O, we are not allowed to add nor clarify to questions, so I hope this question is clear.

MKWeb answers:

Daedra Os question was silly

I get told I have self esteem issues alot by feminists. Then when I disagree, they tell me I have a big ego problem, and that I think too highly of myself.

Lizzie asks…

To what extent do celebrities cause self esteem issues in teenage girls?

Are there an examples of specific surveys or research done showing that overly thin celebrities have caused self esteem issues in young women?
Do you know of any specific anecdotes where this has been proven to be true?

MKWeb answers:

Well, just common sense wise, the rise of eating disorders has peaked and basically started in the late 80s/90s. There is media overload these days and there is hardly a healthy celebrity for young girls to look up to.

Sharon asks…

Where is the best place for someone with severe self esteem issues to get help?

Where is the best place for someone with severe self esteem issues to get help? Would psychology be appropriate?

MKWeb answers:

A therapist who is specialized in cognitive behavior therapy. That practice helps people who have a negative state of mind see more positive. Especially about ones self.

Most therapist know this. Ask when you make an appointment to be sure; if you decide to take my advice

good luck =]

Nancy asks…

Who were famous people that overcome self esteem issues and depression and help people todaY?

College Essay Topic: A person that can and will inspire me, I got major depression self esteem issues. im not suicidal but want to be sucessful!

MKWeb answers:

Louise hay
abraham lincoln.
Many people had self esteem issues. Very often lack of self-esteem is the main reason for wanting to be famous.

Donna asks…

How to overcome self esteem issues?

What can I do to get over my self esteem issues and be more confidant in myself. It just seems like I always doubt myself or feel inferior to others.

MKWeb answers:

Make a list of your more positive qualities on one side of a piece of paper. Ask friends and family for input. Make a list of your not-so-glowing qualities on the other side.
Now, choose one thing from each list each day to work on just for that day. Make every effort to exercise and improve your positive quality and make the same effort to avoid that thing that you don’t admire about yourself.
You will soon begin to see improvement in yourself and NOTHING does more for the self-image and self-confidence than making progress in a positive direction.

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