Nancy asks…

What is low self esteem? definition help?

Can somebody point me to a good definition of low self esteem, preferably fro a book.( no encyclopedias please) ( need bibliography as reference). I have been researching but so far have been coming up with symptoms. I need a whole definition. Thanks

MKWeb answers:

Low self esteem:

one’s inability to accept himself; one without self; one’s tendency to live unhappily in accordance with principles which he does not understand but values because not to value these principles would introduce him to a reality which, though he senses its existence and its rightness, he fears acknowledging.

Steven asks…

What is your definition of self-esteem, and is it substantially different between the genders?

I like Nathaniel Branden’s definitions. What are your thoughts?

MKWeb answers:

I define self esteem as that thing that powers us up and sends us out into the world. If it is not strong or positive, we face the world with trepidation and fear. If, however, it is highly charged, we feel as though we can climb a mountain.

As for gender differentiation, I think that it should bedifferent for every person, and not necessarily gender specific. But having said that, I do recognize that there are indicators or things that affect an individual’s self esteem that are – in our society – specific to gender. For example, our society places a huge value on appearance. Therefore, a person’s self esteem will be linked, to some degree, to their appearance. The expectations are different for men and women, but they are equally powerful. It is up to the individual themselves as to how much heed they pay to these societal pressures in the building of their own self esteem…

Helen asks…

Definition and info on self esteem and self worth?

I am looking for info on self esteem and self worth. Definitions, papers written about it. etc.

MKWeb answers:

Self esteem= is what others see in you. What you portray outwardly.
Self worth= is how you value yourself.An inward veiw of who you are.

Lizzie asks…

What is your definition of self-esteem?

Hi, I would like to know what you think self esteem is, after you already know what the dictionary says, but what’s your answer?
since not a lot of answers, i’ll choose best..

MKWeb answers:

If someone says something hurtful to me, i don’t get too upset because i know my worth.

John asks…

a clear definition of SELF ESTEEM for a 7th grader.?

i need a clear definition of :
1.self esteem
2.low self esteem
3.high self esteem
4.negative effects of low self esteem
5.possitive effect of high self esteem
6. and how the two are different

MKWeb answers:

I think you need to consider the negative effect of high self-esteem as well. Too many people seem to believe that children have a high level of self-esteem without doing anything to earn it. Instead, they need to learn to value properly their accomplishments and achievements. But first they do have to achieve SOMETHING.

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