Mary asks…

Self-esteem activities for a classroom of 30 gr 9 students?

I need 5 activities that have to do with self esteem for my class.
Any ideas?

MKWeb answers:

Give them easy multi step puzzles. Use manipulation and convince there minds against there will to be acceptance of their abilities. You don’t have time to mess with confidence, with todays competetion just manipulate them

William asks…

What are some good self-esteem building activities you can do alone?

Like guys can work out and build muscles on their own and gain self esteem, what are some idea for what a girl could do to build up self esteem?

MKWeb answers:

Write impowering things about yourself, make th person you are seem important to yourself….learn new crafts and abilities…make you care for yourself

Sandy asks…

What r some good confidence, trust, self esteem boosting activities?

What are some i can do with my friends that are fun and encouraging and that can make a difference in our lives?

MKWeb answers:

Youth group or church activity

Jenny asks…

Activities to improve self esteem or confidence?

Im going to have a lecture meeting with my officemates regarding this matter and i was planning to have an activity. Do you know any activities or exercise which will help improve their self esteem or confidence??

MKWeb answers:

It is old but works. Have everyone write down one good or positive thing, of everyone else in the group.

Give them slips of paper with everyone’s names and have them write on it. Make a pile or basket for each person, then when all the slips are in have them read their basket’s slips out loud.

Donna asks…

Self esteem activity idea needed?

We want to do a chain activity for 5th graders. We want it to revolve around self esteem and for it to be inspiring.

MKWeb answers:

A classic self esteem activity is to take turns saying something nice about another person. So if you do it in a chain or circle, person #1 says something nice about person #2, #2 speaks to #3 and so on.

They may need help in coming up with things to say, and they may need to write things down (so you can double check what they are planning on saying).

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