John asks…


I have NO self esteem what can I do to change this?

MKWeb answers:

Seeing this is in the food section I will give you a food answer.
Last night I cooked the steaks perfectly, cooked just the way we like them. The same goes with chicken or anything else, when you get the meal just right it gives you a great deal of satisfaction.
Try that in life, when you get something done just right, take satisfaction, focus on the good things and file the rest in the rubbish bin and delete it.
Good Luck

William asks…

Self esteem?

Whenever I see a selfesteem question on this site I almost always see the advice to just keep repeating good things to yourself like I’m a good person and repeat it so many times a day until you convince yourself. What kind of arrogant self-serving idea is this? Why not actually accomplish something to be proud of then you can feel good about yourself. Why don’t we try to have realistic self esteem instead of “loving ourselves”?

MKWeb answers:

That’s a valid question. True self-esteem comes from within, from being comfortable with yourself and being fulfilled. Beauty and all the other superficial things are fleeting but spiritual peace is lasting.

Sharon asks…

self esteem?

what are some ways to boost your self esteem?
mine is lower than anyone could possibly imagine for no apparent reason.
and its affecting my relationships, so anyone have any ideas?

MKWeb answers:

Make a picture of someone you admire and believe has a great self-esteem.

Notice where the picture is, how wide and tall it is, whether it’s static or in motion, colour or black and white, framed or unframed.

Now make a picture of yourself, with your imagined self-esteem.

Again, notice where the picture is, how wide and tall it is, whether it’s static or in motion, colour or black and white, framed or unframed.

Betcha it’s different to the first picture you made, and possibly lower.

OK, now take the picture of you and adjust it so that it’s in the same position as the first one. Adjust the height and width to be the same, the frame to be the same and the colours to be as similar as possible. If the first picture is in motion, make this one in motion too.

Now how do you feel about yourself? Check the new picture to make sure it’s in the same place; repeat the adjustment if necessary.

Joseph asks…

Self Esteem?

I have a really low self esteem.I’m always putting myself down and I have absolutly no confidence.Any way of how i can feel better?

MKWeb answers:

First of all, some people who are answering are putting you down for putting yourself down.
I’ve been where you are, to where almost every thought concerned what I could have done better, and what I need to do in the future.
I changed all that, first by accepting the negative thoughts rather than hate myself for having them!!!!!
Be gentle with yourself. Replace any thought you can with something positive. And there’s plenty around, even if you can’t see it.
Other people might say something nice to you. Learn to take a compliment!
Stay away from ones who don’t, or at the very least, those who are in the least bit cruel.
And don’t expect really strong friends to stay your friends when you get loud, too. Been there, done that. Most kept me down by unstated comparison. But one encouraged me to grow, and I did. Then, we fought too much and the friendship was over.
Still, I’m twice as much improved after her than before her.
That said, make a list of the things you have accomplished. I don’t care if it’s making sure you brush your teeth on your own everyday, or whatever. Get going!!!
Evaluate other people, and then turn the third person perspective on yourself. If you’ve got low self-esteem, chances are you give everyone else credit but not yourself. Treat yourself as though you were any other human being.
You’ve got the same rights, but you need to exercise them!
Good luck!

Steven asks…


Everday of my life I seem to feel that I’m just never going to succeed at anything. I work hard for the things I want and no matter what everything seems to not work out the way I want them to. They say everyone has a talent and I just don’t think that is the same for me. I fail at everything and I have the lowest selfesteem going. Can anybody help?

MKWeb answers:

Well…your spelling is perfect. There’s one thing going for you! I read something yesterday about a ‘success halo’ that some people seem to exude. It’s an attitude of “I like myself and others, and I am going to be happy and hopeful and ultimately successful.” Even when these people screw up, others give them the benefit of the doubt: ‘she must be having an off day,’ instead of, ‘dang, doesn’t he ever do anything right?’
Do you set reasonable goals for yourself, or do you expect perfection? Do you give yourself praise when something you worked on has worth, or do you brush off your accomplishments as if your effort had nothing to do with their working out?
When I feel less than successful I try to do something for someone else. Then whether or not they acknowledge my service, I know I was worthwhile.
Now here’s a goofy question: do you sing? Just for yourself is fine. Singing (or anything you enjoy -looking at plants, petting an animal -)can give your soul (your self-esteem) a joy and peacefulness that can help form your success halo and help you feel more like someone you want to respect and appreciate. Find pleasure in small things and give yourself permission to enjoy your uniqueness. Your esteem for yourself will grow. Focus on the good. What you focus on is what increases. Best of luck. God bless.

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