Thomas asks…

need to know more on Alec Rodgers seven point plan and how it can be used for self-development needs?

MKWeb answers:


Michael asks…

Writing a personal development plan out, I need to paraphrase I am a person who is motivated (work wise)?

I need to add a skill and I am at a writers block, can’t figure out how to say I am a self motivated worker. (I need to say it creatively :o) help!?
So true coach Kim, this works! Shortening a little, thank you very much!

MKWeb answers:

I am a worker who takes initiative and seeks out solutions whenever problems arise. Additionally, I am proactive and self-motivated when it comes to aligning my actions with the vision and goals of the company.

(hope this all true (smile))

David asks…

ramadan: its the best time to work on self-development?

This Ramadan what have you planned to accomplish, in terms of becoming a better person? spirtually? emotionally, mentally…maybe even physically??

lets here it folks

MKWeb answers:

This is the first time i did ramadan correctly which is number 1 accomplishment; ive been and im gunna pray all salah’s and all taraweh; also control anger, excersiz patience, be helpful, pic up nd read quran mor often, not gossip wit the gurls as much as last year..and also build a mor healthy diet, control eating and wat i eat…lol and alot mor stuff! Inshallah

Linda asks…

I am looking for lesson plan for parenting skills?

I am interested in lesson plan for parenting skill building. designed for parents with children under six years of age. the lesson plan will teach parent how to understand young children, behavior, build self-esteem in early years, helping young children learning to cooparate, discipline, children’s emotional and social development. if you have one or you know where i can find with littel or nothing. i need it very bad.

MKWeb answers:

Here’s the plan. Ask someone who has raised a good kid, so you know what to do and then ask someone who raised a bad kid so you know what not to do.

George asks…

Performance review self evaluation?

I am in a production position and am expected to fill out a self evaluation form. Question like Strengths, areas for improvement, disappointments and goals and development plans? There is a very defined progression to the career ladder here and I have never had one of these forms before. What kind of answers are they looking for and/or will serve me best?

MKWeb answers:

This has gotten very common. It’s a chance for you to tout the things you’ve done well, and don’t hesitate. Be honest about areas for improvement.

It gives you a chance to have plenty of input to your review. It’s a good thing.

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