Paul asks…

What hinders the development of self-belief in people?

I agree with “avatar” (the second answer) that the lack of real-world accomplishment is a major factor in hindering self-belief, and as you mentioned, “accomplishment is usually tied to work and effort and the development of repeatable skills”.

But don’t these works and efforts require a great-deal of self-belief too, a strong sense of belief that the work and effort will not go wasted and that they will eventually contribute to a person’s success?

In that case, it seems like a never ending cycle. At one instance, the lack of self-belief is attributed to the lack of real-world accomplishments, and on the other hand, the lack of real-world accomplishment can be attributed to the lack of self-belief.

It seems like it takes an unusual circumstances or an earth-shattering paradigm shift for an individual to be able to break into the cycle to achieve something that the individual felt great about, and subsequently sustain the self-belief.

What do you think?

MKWeb answers:

What hinders the development of self-believe is that one gives the power to someone that believes less in themselves.. People are mean and can say mean things but when they do and try to beat you down but you don’t let them. Then they can not control your development. They might hinder a child but not to an adult if the adult does not permit it.

Helen asks…

Give reasons for the importance of children and young people’s development of self-esteem and resilience?


MKWeb answers:

If you are going to be working with children I really think you need to do this yourself.
If you are having problems with the wording simply say it out loud as if you are telling someone and write it down as you speak.

Michael asks…

I am looking for a personal development group in Sydney Australia. Anyone know a good place to look ?

I’m not looking for a 12 step program. I want a bunch of people motivated towards self development.

MKWeb answers:

A great place to start looking is in a Magazine called Nova. They have ads for groups and seminars etc…

Nova is a free giveaway mag that is available at most New Age type outlets and many health food stores.

Sydney is a very happening place, I feel SURE that you can find SOMETHING to get you started.

Going along to a workshop or seminar is a great first step to meeting new people with a common interest.

I wish you luck.

William asks…

Why do people insist on doing the matchy thing with twins?

Doesn’t it seem obvious that it would not be good for a child’s development and sense of self? Some people even go as far as to use the same name.

MKWeb answers:

You’d think that would be obvious, but it seems certain parents overlook that in their excitement to find “cute” names that are generally variations of each other … Or at the very least, uncomfortably similar. In essence, they end up naming just one child, and finding something horridly matchy for the second (seems like Twin B gets the short end of the stick, eh?). 🙁

It honestly amazes me that with all the twin/multiple studies done and emphasis placed on helping develop their individuality and separate sense of self-worth, these parents would realize the folly of literally ingraining the exact opposite with their very identity! If dressing them the same, constantly referring to them as “the twins” and refusing to allow them separate classrooms, social circles and activities can be detrimental to their individual development, doesn’t it follow that forcing them to FOREVER be a “matched set” would be even more harmful? It really is a shame.

Perhaps a few future parents will stumble upon your post and come to see the stereotypical twin names in a new light. 😉 Here’s hoping!

Donna asks…

Are there any international personal development marketing companies?

I love personal development and I am looking for a company that is interested in self motivated people with a strong ethic. I am one of those people! I am looking for an international business marketing self empowerment courses and seminars. I love to meditate, listen to tapes daily. My favourite amongst the popular authors are: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Stephen Covey, Napoleon Hill, Jamie McIntyre et. I love this industry, to be able to help myself and others.

MKWeb answers:

Join a sales job. They have library of self-motivating books. MDRT is a great organisation in personal development. But membership is only given by merits/performance base in your sales job. They believe, only people who had made it or successful be given the right to teach, motivate and counsel others.

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