Michael asks…

Help! I need an example of a “Self Development Goal” for my final review at work. Something not overly pious.?

I need to provide a “self development goal” for my annual review. It is a blank on an electronic form that requires an entry. I’m looking for a vague yet grounded, weasel-worded goal (my position is osp design engineer). HELP!!

MKWeb answers:

Insert some new technology that will help you in your job or some sort of referencing to building/working on cross functional teams.

For me, I always put some sort of educational spin to it -so getting a cert, taking classes, etc

Thomas asks…

Give two reasons why it is important to set objectives for your self development to achieve long term goals.?

MKWeb answers:

I never did.
I did what felt good.
I have my own business now I love it.

David asks…

Give two reasons why it is important to set objectives for your self-development to achieve long term goals.?

MKWeb answers:

It is very important to set objectives. For example, if I wanted to lose 100 pounds….I start my diet and exercise program but say it a year, year and a half before I reach my goal, then it took me that long to accomplish anything. Mentally that could be a big setback for me. BUT if I decide that i’m only going to have 1 glass of sweet tea a day, or that I’ll walk 4 days a week, or lose ten pounds…i’m reaching smaller goals that will motivate to keep up the work. Also setting objective and having a plan allows you to see where you curruntly are, and realistically what you have to do to get where you want to be.

Richard asks…

Personal Development, Self help its all an 8 billion industry; what do you know about it?

Personal Development is such a huge thing today. As a matter of fact it is a 8 billion industry. People want to improve a lot of aspects of their lives. Whether it is money, fitness, relationships, spirituality, or business. We all seek improvement in some area. So how do you begin strategic thinkging in personal development? What is visualization? What is the power of motivation, desire, passion for life, and faith? What my goal is to do is find out what people wish to improve on their lives and do research and post stories in my new website http://www.personal-development-life.com. If you are someone or knows someone who uses personal development or self help or the law of attraction and would love to share some stories or input then feel free to contact me and I would love to share your story or do some research on a current topic you have or would love to read about.


MKWeb answers:

Isn’t this the premise of that bull crap book “The Secret”???

Charles asks…

Organization, clutter, self development, etc?

Everytime I leave home, I feel so free and I feel amazing. However whenever I return home, I find it so cluttered, and I honestly think it is hindering my personal development and growth when home. So, upon returning this morning, I have taken the liberty to re-analyze things and try to get rid of useless things.

Physical things are easier for me to rid of (even if they remind me of different times of my life…I cannot live in memories right?)

I am only 20 but have developed a lot and I am proud of it, knowing my past has made me who I am. I also write a lot, and I found a lot of ‘journals’ going through different things in my life that used to affect me. Glancing at them amazed me at how much I have learned, grown, and changed. I no longer write about things that ‘bother’ me at all. I am now goal driven, focused, etc. But looking at these writings makes me feel a bit uncomfortable…These things have substance, and provide great detail into the many chapters of my life..

My question is what do you think when it comes to these things? Is it a good idea to get rid of them? or to hold onto these old (mostly negative :/ ) feelings, for the sake of…memories?

Something is telling me to not look back and get rid of this junk…
The only honest reason for keeping it is if i decide to keep my writings for a biography or something…I just don’t know if these things will have any purpose..or if they’re bad for me

MKWeb answers:

I’d keep them if I had them myself. When you are much older you will be glad you did, especially if you think someday you may write a biography or possibly begin to write novels. You sound like you have many good things going for you and when you develop to your full potential, your prior writings could be very valuable to you as well. Say you were to pursue writing as a career: your first writings would be the most valuable no matter what subject matter they cover. Stephen King kept his childhood writings in a box under his bed for many years. Later on in life, he wrote the novel “Cujo” from his memories of a neighborhood dog that scared him witless when he was young.

Get the point? Good Luck in your life, you’re on the right track.

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