Jenny asks…

Could you introduce me some material (book, blogs, audios) on personal development?

Could you introduce me some material (book, blogs, audios) on personal development?
material which are available online are preferred. Similar subjects like self help, self management, life cookbooks! are included in what I need.

MKWeb answers:

Check library, check churches, the lerch like character Tony Robbins has made a mint producing a broad range of development programs.

Mark asks…

What does “oppotunities” refer to in this sentence?

Here is the paragraph:

“But if opportunities in Brazil are on the wane given its relative self-sufficiency in the agricultural, mining, manufacturing and service sectors, the story in Russia is the opposite.”

I am not sure what “opportunities” mean in this sentence. The whole article is about “CIVITS” which replaces “BRICs”, so I guess it explains the reason why Brazil is not in CIVITS. In the context you can find the following sentence: “…But the latest acronym only includes China and India from the original BRICs lineup, with Brazil deemed now to be relatively well developed, and the love affair with Russia is seen as over.”

It seems that Brazil is excluded from CIVITS because of its better development, but what does “opportunities in Brazil are on the wane” mean?

You can find the original article at

Thank you!

MKWeb answers:

The opportunities in Brazil in the agricultural, mining, manufacturing and service sectors are decreasing…
The opportunities in Russia are the opposite of Brazil.

Wane = to reduce, to lower, to weaken, to decrease, to diminish

David asks…

Trying to learn C# on my own.?

I am trying to learn C# on my own. I am in a self-paced development program. When I have questions their isn’t anyone to go and ask for answers. I have visited a few websites that have helped when searching for answers. Does anyone know of any friendly blogs, or really good sites that gives good examples. I am fairly new to this, I had Basic many,many years ago. Some things in C# just confuse me. I understand Loops, types, simple concepts. It’s the way to get from Main to other methods, and to the constructors. OK I might be looking for C# for Dummies. It’s like I have hit a wall and the rest dosn’t make sense how the code flows. HELP!

MKWeb answers:

Those are both great references above. As far as coding you should be able to call any method in the same class as your main easy enough.

Private string _something;

public string Something{
get { return _something; }
set { _something = value; ]

public void setSomething(string pVal){
Something = pVal;

public string getSomething(){
return Something;

public static void main(…){
setSomething(“This is the value of something”);

this is all in the same class

if you need to get a method from another class, let’s use the same example above except all methods except the main are in a class called DoSomething

in your main do this…

DoSomething ds = new DoSomething();
ds.setSomething(“set something here”);

this is basic stuff, some syntex may be a bit off, just taking from memory.

Hope that helped!

John asks…

Is my hourly rate justified?

I have 8 years of experience in Software Development and related fields (Consulting, Web Development, Windows/Unix Software, etc…) – I have worked with more than 50 clients from about 5 nations in the past, receiving only superior feedback. I hold a customer satisfaction ratio of 9.58 out of 10 (best) at

Also, I have on-site experience in the U.S., U.K and Europe.

Additionally, I have launched a couple of products on my own which have been featured in magazines and on numerous blogs.

Currently, I am self-employed and I am planning on setting a fixed hourly rate. I was trying to figure out the best, justified rate for my situation and found that $60/hour would be ok.

Am I charging too much, too less, or how can I support my decision? (I have gotten the numbers from various salary surveys and reports and put myself into the average category).

Your help is very much appreciated!

Thank you

MKWeb answers:

I am a business owner and former Fortune 500 IT Director in NYC in the US and previously in Seattle. I would pay 60 an hour for a coder on site or off site and have paid as much as 100 an hour for a highly skilled independent contracting Oracle DBA. Your rating on is a good indicator of your value and the basis for what I would be willing to pay you. I have paid 150 – 175 an hour for coders through a company.

Someone else may have better advice but that was my experience.

Best of luck to you.

Ruth asks…

Do I have enough experience to become a consultant?

I want to become self-employed. For me, the pros outweigh the cons by a mile. I know how to sell myself, and am very professional.

I’m also very analytical, attentive to detail, and business-minded. My interests include small businesses, the internet (especially Web 2.0 Trends) and marketing. I have 2 blogs up on the internet; one about Web 2.0 Trends, and one about computer game development.

I’m considering becoming a consultant for small business IT solutions such as web sites, databases, and computer systems.

The only thing I’m doubting myself for at the moment is my experience in the field. I have a college diploma (2 years) in Computer Programming. I have about 1 year of experience in web design, web application programming, and .NET programming. I know I have the skills to pull it off (I graduated with honors, and am very self-motivated), but I worry that I don’t have the experience to back me up.

Do you think I have enough experience to kick-start a career in consulting? If not, do you have any possible alternatives?

Thank you
“Consulting” might require too much experience in my case. Can anybody think of alternatives for me?

MKWeb answers:

Consultants have many years of experience AND they have connections in the industry. From what you’ve written you’re a nobody in the industry. Who’s going to trust you? How will you get clients? Most consultants get work by word of mouth or they do outside work for a company they used to work for. You need so much experience it’s not funny. Get a job, work hard and shine and cultivate a following of people who know your work and are willing to take a chance on you.

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