Ruth asks…

How important is self development at schooling stage?

These days all parents, just pressurise their kids, for good grades in class, and always push them for being competent. But the major part they forget is self development of their kid. The character bulding, the confidence, the moral, the fluency to talk in front of anybody. These things give problem to the kids in future. What do you think?
Narna… I appreciate your answer. Thanks
Dee.. Great answer. I appreciate. Thanks

MKWeb answers:

Sense of ‘self’ is so critical, that if the foundation of one’s identity is delayed by stress and other traumas – it could be another twenty years of playing ‘catchup’. Delayed personality development is probably one of the most lonely and painful things human beings can experience. It can be so severe, that it will interfere with one’s ability to function on a day to day level, even though cognitively, they are very bright. Some inflict injuries upon themselves – not due to a real desire to harm themselves – but rather to ‘feel’ the pain to find a boundary to their being ‘real’. To emphasize,… If we don’t solidly feel substance to who we are … If we don’t have ‘ourselves’… Who do we have?

Donald asks…

Self development?

I have two weeks’ leave from work coming up in November. Due to circumstances I now have nothing planned for that time. Therefore, I’d love to spend the time positively, perhaps learning a new skill or hobby, but I have no ideas what I’d like to do that I’m not already doing now.!

Any suggestions?

Perhaps you have a yearning to learn something new but don’t have the time/money – if so, what is it? I just might be inspired by your ideas.!

MKWeb answers:

Here are 12,117 suggestions;_ylt=ApJf0OP6alaf0XoyW4d6ADTxxQt.;_ylv=3?p=what+are+your+hobbies

Nancy asks…

I want to start a career in life coaching and self development. Any idea how can I start?

I’m very passionate about self development books especially in the fields of positive thinking, creativity, self-confidence, law of attraction, decision making, problems’ solving…etc. I also noticed I love giving people advices and help them find their way, discover their essence and what truly matters to them.
So I have decided to listen to the inner voice in me and start looking for ways to start switching my career in the field of life coaching. What to do, where to start? I still have no clue.
Can you help??

MKWeb answers:

Congratulations on you decision to create a new life for yourself! Celebrate in knowing that if you are listening to your inner voice, then you are on the best path for you! With your passion and desire to help others I am confident you will be successful. It is but a select few who truly enjoy helping others through their life’s’ journey.

There are many ways to go about becoming a life coach. I took a 3 month course, but to be honest with you, it wasn’t that big of a help. Yes, I was able to connect with other like minded people who also wanted to coach others, but it seemed to cliche and uncomfortable sometimes. Everything had to get done by the book and wasn’t very fulfilling in the end. Depending on your budget, you can choose from countless classes from free to thousands of dollars. Google how to become a life coach and the choices may surprise you.

My advise would be to start looking for others who might want to venture with you. Post a question, give your e-mail so others can reach you. Start a website or a blog and write about your experiences with self development, suggest to others that has worked for you. If you like writing…and most coaches do, then write articles and submit them to free directories.

You have begun an interesting chapter in your life, and I am wishing you the very best of success.

Joseph asks…


im a 17 yr old teenager and i feel that i dont have leadership qualities and lack confidence. how do i improve in these aspects?? please help…

MKWeb answers:

Read “Art of War” by SUN TZU

This will give you the knowledge you lack, which in turn will give you the confidence you desire.

William asks…

What self development/improvement must a young army officer do to enhance his leadership qualities?

After getting commissioned as a officer what should be the sphere of emphasis that the young officer has to concentrate on to develope his leadership traits and qualities as a leader to enhance his standing within his unit, his subordinates, peers and superior officers with greater relevance to self improvement and self development personally and professionally.

MKWeb answers:

The best thing he can hope for is a quality Platoon Sergeant…if he has one…and he is willing to pay attention and listen, that man will teach him everything he needs to know and then some. The Company First Sergeant and the Battalion Sergeant Major are also good resources…
But if you go in like a know it all…you are in for a hard time.
I’ll tell you what I always told young Lieutenants, you are in charge but this is MY platoon. If I tell you what you are about to do is stupid and you tell me you are in charge and we are gonna do it your way you remember this….
The Battalion Commander is not going to come to you when it is screwed up, he will come to me and ask why did you let that Lieuteanat do that.
I hope that gives you some perspective on how it really is.

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