Lizzie asks…

any tips for conversation self confidence?

I want to be a good whole life i was always so shy to talk to people and what not but thats starting to go away.i have problems though with self confidence in conversation.when im talking you can tell im not confident,you can clearly hear the inferiority in my voice,i just need tips on being more confident in conversation.any help?

MKWeb answers:

Here are a few c’s to help you become more “C”onfident in “C”onversating.
To initiate conversation, look for clues. If someone is wearing a Florida Gators shirt, mention something about that team.”Where do you think Tim Tebow will go in the draft?” If you don’t know anything about the Florida Gators, ask about them. “Are you a Florida Gators fan? I don’t know much about that team” or “Are you from Florida?” Maybe you could comment on something as simple as someone’s shoes “Where did you get your shoes?”

Note that the key here is to ask questions, which leads into the next point, be curious. When you are talking with someone, ask them sincere questions and then really listen to what the person is saying to you. You’d be amazed how much people love to talk about themselves and things that are interesting to them. This is a great way to get to know people and learn about fascinating topics you might not ever know about. For example, if someone is talking to you about brick laying, ask them all about it, be sincerely interested.

Be Cheerful- The number one key to confidence is your smile and demeanor. A smile and a nod indicate to others that you’re truly listening and they will enjoy talking to you because they know that you actually care. A cheerful disposition will earn you deep and meaningful friendships and others will look to you as someone they can rely on.

Be Compassionate- This may sound similar to what we said with being curious and cheerful- Be a sincere listener and care about those you speak to more than you care about yourself. Listen to hear what their concerns are (which will always eventually come out in conversation if you speak with someone long enough. There are few people in this world who don’t have some dilemma going on in their lives.) If you will put other’s needs before your own, your approach to conversation will become a completely new and fulfilling one.

Here are some general questions you can ask
“What got you interested in that?”
“How long have you been doing that for?”
“How has that benefitted your family relationships?”
Some of these questions can seem a little deep, just gauge them according to the conversation. Just remember to ask questions and listen sincerely.

Last, be complimentive. Give people compliments, they love to hear about themselves.
Practice what we’ve discussed, these 5 C’s of confidence in communication
Clues, Curiosity, Cheerfulness, Compassion, Complimentive
Good luck with your conversations both casual and intimate, be a listener and be a friend and you will be sure to gain many friends! You’ll do great because you’ve made the decision to improve in this area!

Nancy asks…

Can you give me some self-esteem/confidence tips, please?

I’m going to a new school next year and i want to show people i’m confident and make new friends. I’ve always been a shy person. And i cant really change that about myself. Any tips?
Lol, i cant fit into Forever 21. Too short, 4′ 8″

MKWeb answers:

Improving self-esteem is a way to gain self-confidence.

Following are five practical tips for improving your self-esteem:

1. Stop criticizing yourself and others. This hurts not only your self-esteem, but also increases your stress level.

2. Speak your mind and receive criticism gracefully. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind; say it clearly and loudly.

3. Compliment people when you like them. This increases your self-esteem.

4. Refrain from being a perfectionist. Try to be flexible and accept failure gracefully.

5. Develop good body language. Always try to look your best, stand erect, walk well and look others in the eye. You will be able to accomplish these physical attributes with a regular exercise regimen.

Try to follow these tips. I hope they will be helpful.

Betty asks…

Self confidence tips??? Please help!?

I just got a manager for acting and he taught me new things. He told me that if i dont build my self confidence then he will drop me. I really need help on self confidence….. and i love acting sooo will anyone please give me some tips to build my self confidence??? THANK YOU

MKWeb answers:

I get sooooooooooooo nervous too. But like the answers above me, you have to be happy. Think positive thoughts.
Practice your lines in a mirror, then In front of your family in friends.
Make sure you do them full out too.
Do things that you would usually be embarrassed to do.
Go talk to the guy you like, go get a makeover(feeling pretty will make you more confident) Go get a new wardrobe!

Hope I helped!

P.s At tv auditions when I get nervous, I think about how happy I would be if I got the part.. That makes me try my absolute hardest. ( :

Linda asks…

Self Confidence Tips Please!?

I have a low self confidence around other people besides my family. Does anybody have any tips or advice?

MKWeb answers:

To never pay attention to anyone else. You need to realize that youre a beautiful person on the inside as well as outside, and you should walk with your head held high. Look in the adore and just adore yourself. Look how your eyes are shaped and how lucky you are to have eyes to see with. Just appreciate everything, and you’ll feel better about who you are:)

Donna asks…

Gaining Self Confidence Tips?

gaining self confidence seems to be hard for me. I want some tips please 🙂 I found a very helpful site at that is good and had a great guide but it’s more of a long term plan. I want some help on gaining self confidence by tomorrow because I have to go out with this girl im seeing for the second time.

I think she likes me but my self esteem level feels so low right now. I just feel like my self worth is 0!! Why do I feel this way?? There’s gotta be a quick way to boost and gain self confidence quickly right? Thanks

MKWeb answers:

Step up. It is your time to look in the mirror and like who is there. Self confidence that is brought on in one day takes a life changing event or decision. Are you just not confident or are you a depressed person.
No one has ever told my I wasn’t confident but I don’t need to be told that I am. I know who I am and that is what gives me confidence. I live a good life, I am kind, I care for others.
As for a day to change. I say make the choice and do it. The key to confidence, in my opinion, if have fun. To hell with others thinking your silly or strange. In the end they learn who you are, if the matter to you.

Here is something my father told me before he died, “Son, just because they aren’t laughing doesn’t make it any less funny to me.”

Man up and put on your big boy pants and go out there and live, laugh and love. You’ll be fine. Get in the pool!

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