Sandra asks…

Is anyone afraid to take an IQ test because it will lower their self confidence?

Me. Im smart but i am still scared because if i get a lame test i will think im dumb.

MKWeb answers:

NO, cuz if i c my IQ is 2 low ill try 2 improve it=P

Donald asks…

is there a psychological test to determine level of self confidence?

The context is pre admission screening for an educational program. I’m not looking for self help.

MKWeb answers:

Psychological tests fall into several categories:
Achievement and aptitude
Specific clinical tests

No psychological test is ever completely valid or reliable because the human psyche is just too complicated to know anything about it with full confidence. ♥

Helen asks…

My bf wants to test my self-confidence, so he wants me to……?

he wants me to stand infront of him completely naked. we’ve been together for 4years now and we always do our thing in the dark. so i do have beautiful features, but i’m unselfconscious about my love handles. how do i cover that up. not to mention my chubby vagina ( excuse the details). i’m 53 kilos, 5’4. but a little disproportional on my love handles. i dont want to expose them, how to cover up these flaws?

MKWeb answers:

Just be free and dont care!!

He obviously aint worried as hes been with u four years.

Its unnattractive for a woman to be all shy and self consious bout her body. He will love it if you just stand there confident and smiling!

Joseph asks…

How is it possible that my self confidence could have dropped from 32 to 15 since January?

In JROTC we take a test for self awareness, last year I scored a 32/100 in self confidence, this year I scored a 15! How did this happen so quickly?
HEY nice answers please, thank you for driving it down to a 7. 😛 You suck.

MKWeb answers:

I don’t know the scale you are judging this on, i’m not familiar with it. However, this is irrelevant. Circumstances must have caused this and you should work out what these are what you can do to make this ok before you take an entirely objective test to work out what someone or something, not considering any real factors are basing you level of self confidence on. Have the courage to think about this and make yourself happy and self confidence will come.

Charles asks…

Could my teacher know that I have low confidence in my self if he said this?

My teacher told me, that I can get a 100% and that I was smart (I get really crappy grades) and he said that if I get a high mark on my test that my self confidence will higher, does he know I have low self esteem?

MKWeb answers:

Yes. He wants you to make a bigger effort because he knows how good it feels to get 100% and he wants you to feel it, too. If you have to ask for extra help, get it because it’s worth it to get higher grades. The teacher just wants to be of help to you, so don’t be lazy; get out there and try because he sees you are smart enough to do well. So show him and make yourself feel good, too! Don’t use the words “low self confidence” as an excuse to do poorly. Maybe you’re just lazy instead? Even if the teacher knows you supposedly have low self esteeem, YOU still have to do the work and make the effort. So just do it and see what happens!

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