Mary asks…

What are good songs to boost self confidence?

Two friends of mine turned into total hotties over the summer, they were both pretty, but I never, EVER worried about competition, but now I think they’re more beautiful than I ever have a chance of being, so I need some songs to boost self confidence.

MKWeb answers:

And obviously “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera. And I’m sure you are beautiful!!

Mark asks…

Upbeat self confidence songs?

Does anybody know any upbeat songs that are about self confidence? Such as Whip my hair-willow smith

MKWeb answers:

Pink has a few

Joseph asks…

What are the English songs that which increase self confidence?

What are the English songs that which increase self confidence? (for example: My goal – “shayne Ward”, I am the winner, etc). please mention songs which are similar to the music styles of Shayne Ward, Backstreet Boys or West Life and please mention new songs even which are created after the Millenium.

MKWeb answers:

Its my turn – diana ross
thats what friends are for – dionne warwick

i will survive – gloria gaynor

Donna asks…

What are some songs about self-confidence or being true to yourself?

MKWeb answers:

M People “Search for the Hero”

Charles asks…

Any self confidence songs?

My friend is having a lot of issues with her self esteem after her boyfriend broke up with her and I was planning on putting a cd together of songs to help her get back on her feet. Any songs and i dont want heartbreak songs i want like dance songs and such things that will make her feel better about herself. It can be any genre by anyone.

MKWeb answers:

Halo – (Bethany Joy Lenz)Haley James Scott
All or Nothing – High School Musical 2
I want to – Cheyenne Kimball
get up – Ciara
I can do better – avril lavigne
its my turn now – keke palmer
lets dance – vanessa hudgens
never underestimate a girl – vanessa hudgens
one step at a time – jordin sparks
A song the the world can sing out loud – a change of pace
this girl – nikki flores

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