Carol asks…

Self confidence?

I have asked a related question earlier and have already marked the best answer. I want to know any good sites that can help in boosting self confidence and control.

MKWeb answers:

If you want a website, then google it… But if you want some good practical advice, here is what I’ve found works for me:

The first step to building confidence, in my opinion, is finding out what you truly want. Over the next week, whenever you feel down, depressed, insecure, or frustrated, start making a list of all the things you want. They can be little things, like, “I want a glass of water” or big things, like “I want to ride around the entire world in a hot air baloon.” Just write down everything and don’t censor yourself. Then after a week, and even throughout the week, look at the list and decide which of those things you can do something about. Then start doing it! Some of the things might require little steps first, but if you really want it, then you can do it. As you start seeing that you can do things that make you happy, your confidence will grow!

Maria asks…


Do you believe you have selfconfidence ? What do you do to show others that you have confidence in yourself?
If you don’t have much selfconfidence why do you think that is?
& anything else you would like to add !

Thanks !

MKWeb answers:

I don’t think being self-confident is in conflict with actually wanting other people to notice it! Even if u do care what others think of u,u could still be smug and confident which in these days are quite valuable qualities. In order to make other people see u are confident,u should first convince yourself that u are the one that matters!
Good luck 🙂

Chris asks…

Self Confidence?

I am having periods of low confidence in social situations, and try as I might, I see no reason for them. I can be an extremely charming and outgoing person during those rare spells when I am comfortable with myself, but most of the time I am usually shy, even with some of my closest friends. I am really comfortable with myself, everything, my looks, my thoughts, my way of speaking, but I can’t seem to build up my self-esteem. I believe even my friends accept me as I am, but I somehow lose all my confidence in their presence. I am going to shift to a new school this month, meet new people, make new friends and this problem really bothers me. How can I build up my self-esteem?

MKWeb answers:

I find the Discordian suggestion to “Comitt random acts of kindness & sensless beauty” helps my self esteem.

Just little good deeds – like putting money into a stranger’s parking meter that’s expired – really brightens an otherwise dull day.


Ruth asks…

self confidence?

I have some problems with myself!!! I guess I don’t have enough self confidence.
I’m sure I’m weak in my relationships. Usually I begin a good relationship with the other people but I can’t continue it for a long time.
I think this is why I don’t have many friends.
How can I improve my self confidence and relationships?
Can anybody help me?

MKWeb answers:

Ahhh we are just the same…

Laura asks…


I have almost no selfconfidence. I had an abusive relationship, which destroyed my selfconfidence. I just want to get it back. I already go to therapy, and I don’t want to go back to group therapy. Please help!

MKWeb answers:

Start with the way you talk to yourself. Try not criticizing.
Your abusive relationship is over and in the past. Don’t give it anymore free room in your thinking.
Go for it. You’re worth it.

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