Paul asks…

How did I eat junk food all my life without much exercise and stay skinny?

Ok well I’m 14 years old, and asian.
For as long as I remember, I remember loving chocolate, crisps, sweets ( i had loooads), doughnuts, pastries, you name it!! Of course I had healthy stuff to go with it too, but I don’t understand how i stayed that thin!! I was always the short, skinny, young looking girl…

But I remember throwing away my sandwiches, eating less dinner, as I didn’t have a very big appetite. But I remember eating ice cream almost eveeery night, fizzy drinks ALL the time…

I am 155cm and weigh 42kg and I suppose I still am quite slim,but not as skinny as before. I think it’s because i started loving healthy proper food, and I stopped being such a picky eater…

But how could I eat that stuff and stay skinny? I’m trying to eat healthily now, but when I lookat the number of calories in those foods, i’m always thinkin, like….woooah, how could I?
My theory is because I never had a big appetite, although I ate tons of junk food, it never exceeded the daily calorie allowance, so I stayed thin.

MKWeb answers:

Your still young, you have high metabolism, wait until your 20 and eat the same stuff. You probably won’t recognize your body in a week.

Nancy asks…

How are you’re preseason baseball picks looking?

Mine are a little of both. My AL are bombing my NL Sparkling

I had David Ortiz winning AL MVP: Figured the knee would be healthier, I thought Manny would stay healthy so Ortiz would see better pitches

I had Verlander winning the Cy Young: He won 18gms last yr figured he’ll only improve w/experience and had a way better lineup in front which would lead to more runs and more wins

I had the Sox winning the pennant which seems realistic still

I had Chase Utley taking the MVP. Figured he was great last yr even though he missed 2months. He’s improved every yr and this yr he hasn’t dissapointed so far

I had Webb winning Cy Young. I liked how he’d pitched the last 2yrs figured e’d be right in it and Arizona’s young lineup would get more runs. Guess I’m right

Had the D-Backs winning the pennant. How bout u how r ur picks looking?

MKWeb answers:

Good. I had the Twins winning it all and they’re in first place!!!

Mary asks…

Is it easier to walk away from a relationship then to stay and make it work? Do you think it’s true that young?

Do you also think it’s true that young people do not know how to maintain a healthy long lasting relationship the way our parents and grandparents have done?

I feel like now in days its easier for people to walk away then make it work for the simple fact that everyone is looking for the relationship to be exciting loving and new as when you first started out. But I tend to lean towards thinking that all relationships seem to be perfect for the first few months to a yr then things get harder and more serious and some people cannot handle it and then decide to leave to seek out that new fresh car smell lol. Which also takes me to that most young peoplecan’t maintain a long lasting relationship due to these reasons and the tempations of someone new. If you agree or disagree please ell me why and explain your theory

MKWeb answers:

I’ll answer from the perspective of someone who was born in the Eisenhower years. When I was growing up we still took our toasters and blenders to the fix it shop…now, these items are disposable. While divorce happened, it was not that common. The kids I went to school with all still had two parent homes. If there were relationship problems, or pending divorces it wasn’t bandied about in public..instead it was something you didn’t talk about in public except in hushed tones and furtive glances. Relationships, just like appliances weren’t considered “disposable”. Sadly, it seems that somewhere in the 70’s, along with the “If it feels good, do it” genre of the time, attitudes about relationships changed. A malignant narcissism crept into peoples thinking, and instead of it being about you and me, it became me, me, me. Divorce was no longer taboo and viewed as a failure, but instead became the norm. You can buy greeting cards congratulating you on you happy split now. Now everyone is about instant gratification and living in the moment. While the internet, cell phones and all the technological wonders of the modern age are great tools, they have also opened up too many avenues to ruin for relationships. Temptations abound and people no longer exercise self control. Instead of working on relationships, once that first rush of excitement is over, time to trade it in for a new model. As long as we continue to raise our children with an attitude of entitlement, it’s only going to get worse, not better. It’s a shame we’ve lost the innocence of earlier times but it is what it is.

Lisa asks…

Almost 30 years old…looking for groups of friends like I had at 18 for parties…how can I find them?

I live with my g/f in Houston….and are looking for people to chill out with in Houston. Though >>> we are NOT looking to chat <<<…we are just looking for sites and groups through which to meet other people locally.
We both love doing the same kind of things we did at 18; pool parties, basketball, jet-skiing, inline skating, motorcycling, roller coasters, dance parties, air hockey, road trips, or even just chilling out at my house watching movies and playing video games.

But now I’m 27 and own my own place and I have few friends. Often even those don’t like outdoor activities (or simply are out of shape and don’t want to put in the effort). Most of them just want to sit around and watch or go out to movies or plays and such.
And we sure don’t have enough of them to, say, plan a really sweet group camp-out or road trip with enough people for really good conversation and really good joke relays.
I am looking to meet people who still have the urge to live young, without being the kind of people who constantly need sex and/or drinks to stay amused.
And, of course, who don’t feel they are too good for us (hint: we do NOT A) have huge networks B) offer sex or friends looking for sex, or C) look like 8’s…we are just two fit healthy people looking for others to share fun with). Ideally, we’d be able to put together a solid group of about six to eight people…with none of their kids (if they have any) involved.

Any good meet-up groups in Houston you would recommend for 26-33-ish aged people meet people who have fun like they are still 18?
Again, I’m NOT looking to chat or find people on this site,
I’m looking for links to other sites and/or groups…so opinions on finding people on this site are useless to answering the question.

I am putting it in Houston as I live there and want Houston-specific sites and tips. No need to reply just…I hope people understand what I am asking. 🙂

MKWeb answers:

Sounds like what you are really looking for is to stay 18 forever.

As you can see, that’s going to get harder and harder to do, your friends are growing up, getting married, having kids. As they do those things their interests change, so they are dropping out of your social circle, and you have gotten to old to hang with the folks who really are 18, so you are experiencing decreased social opportunities. I was there myself at one time.

I doubt you will find to many people your age who “just want to hang out” anymore. For outdoor activities, you might want to look into the Sierra Club. A friend of mine’s wife is very involved in it, and he tells me she goes on lots of hikes, trips, backbacking, etc. They live down in Clear Lake, so if there are multiple chapters, you might want to try that one.

The Hash House Harriers sounds like it would be a good fit for you…use Google and see if and when they are having a Hash around here.

Gulf Coast MENSA can be fun if A) you can qualify for membership and B) you revel in all things geeky. If there is a 28 year old guy in Houston who is willing to stay up till 3AM playing Grand Theft Auto with you, he’s most likely a Mensan.

Beyond that, I can’t think of any really satisfactory answers…these don’t sound like your cup of tea, but I’ll toss them out anyway as a long shot.

1) Get involved in a charity. Houston is full of charities and they are always looking for volunteers. Something like the Houston Foodbank is a great way to meet people, the Superfeast always needs volunteers, and there is the Altzhiemers Walk this Saturday (rain permitting). Of course there is also the granddaddy of them all, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Getting on a committie whit the Rodeo is the second best way to meet people in Houston.

2) Go to Church. This is the best way to meet people and make friends in Houston. Houston is a very church oriented town and every church I have ever been to has a singles ministry and young adult ministry. They tend to have group get togethers and parties.

Jenny asks…

Do you think this is a good mock?(only info on Top 15)?

1.LAC- Blake Griffen. Even though overloaded in the froncourt, the Clippers will look to draft Griffen since he’s the best player in the draft. Look for one of their bigs to be traded.

2.MEM- Ricky Rubio. The Grizzlies will be a top contender in 2-3 years. Their lineup is solid, but everyday Conley is starting to look more like a bench player.

3.OKC- Hasheem Thabeet. OKC has some of the best young talent in the NBA. Drafting Hasheem would give them a much-needed defensive force and depth in the frontcourt.

4.SAC-Jrue Holiday. After their big trade with Chicago last year, the Kings are set at every position except PG. Holiday can be an excellent scorer next to Kevin Martin.

5.WAS- James Harden. With Nick Young averaging 10.9 points as a starter, the Wizards should draft Harden to add an energy scorer like Harden.

6.MIN- Brandon Jennings. Behind Rubio, Jennings is probably the best PG in this draft. The Wolves desperately need a 1 considering the starting job is a tossup between Kevin Ollie and Sebastian Telfair.

7.GS-Johnny Flynn. This is possibly the hardest pick. They have solid players at every position but just can’t all stay healthy. Since it looks like Jamal Crawford will leave the Warriors, Johnny Flynn would be a nice fit in the run-n’-gun system.

8.NY- Stephen Curry. Chris Duhon hasn’t worked out like he was supposed to and we have seen how great of an advantage it is to have Robinson off the bench. Curry would fit the system perfectly since he would be able to shoot more.

9.TOR- Jordan Hill. With Chris Bosh likely leaving, the Raptors will need someone to take his place. Hill can do that pretty well. He is one of the best athletes in the draft.

10.MIL- DeMar DeRozan. With Michael Redd nearly always injured, and likely to be on the trading block, DeRozan could be a great scorer for the team. Charlie Bell is best suited off the bench, so DeRozan would probably start.

11.NJ- James Johnson. Obviously, Yi wasn’t what he was supposed to be. Johnson has alot of versatility so he could also play SF while Carter is on the bench. If Carter is traded, Johnson might get major minutes at the 3.

12.CHA- Gerald Henderson. Henderson would be an amazing complement to Diaw and Wallace off the bench. He is smart and athletic. He could be the piece that finally gets Charlotte in the playoffs.

13.IND- Tyreke Evans. With Evans, the Pacers would have one of the most explosive lineups in the league. He might not start at first, but soon enough Jarret Jack will be moved to the bench.

14.PHO- DeJaun Blair. The Suns have a very old team. A pick at any position would be reasonable. I say Blair because it is almost certain that Stoudemire won’t be on the team next year. They’ll have alot of work to do then.

15.DET- BJ Mullens. The Pistons found 2 solid players in Bynum and Stuckey. Their backcourt is set for awhile. As for now, their frontcourt is very weak. Rasheed probably won’t re-sign and Kwame Brown might be the biggest bust ever. They will take the risk on Mullens and hope it goes well.

16.CHI- Tyler Hansborough
17.PHI- Jeff Teague. Teague would be an excellent pickup for the Sixers.

18.MIN- Earl Clark

19.ATL- Eric Maynor

20.UTA- Terrence Williams

21.NOH- Sam Young

22.DAL- Ty Lawson

23.SAC- Omri Casspi

24.POR- Chase Budinger

25.OKC- Daren Collison

26.CHI- Jonas Jerekbo

27.MEM- Wayne Ellington

28.MIN- Josh Heytvelt

29. LAL- Nick Calathes

30. Danny Green.

If you want an explanation for the later picks, ask and I’ll put it in additional details.

MKWeb answers:

Talk more about LAL, Mem and Por.
This is one of the best Mock Draft i have seen with very good explanation to go with. You should post this on or something.

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