Nancy asks…

How to help my sister with low self confidence?

She has almost no confidence in herself because her whole life, people have given me compliments like: your so pretty or you have the most gorgeous hair (or eyes) or that I am so smart, etc.

Anyways, she won’t listen to me when I tell her certain things like having your confidence song (Mine is Rock Star by Prima J), writing her insecurities on a mirror & erasing them while replacing them with a positive trait for that feature, or giving herself compliments every time she looks in the mirror. I’ve done these over the past year, and they have made me confident & strong, but she thinks they are stupid. I’ve considered talking to her best friend Levi to help her or to recommend the methods above because she would listen to him.

I feel so bad for her because she doesn’t love herself. Everyone should love who they are, not try to be someone they’re not. I really feel like it’s my fault that she is this way. I know that when we grow up, she’ll age gracefully & be skinny while I will be hitting the gym to stay fit & buying anti-aging creams every chance I get. I really love my sister, and I can’t see her this way anymore. What can I do to help her out?

Thanks in advance!

MKWeb answers:

If she is unhappy because of how how she looks, then tell her she is being very shallow and that by itself is unattractive. Natural confidence is attractive. If she has these negative beliefs they will affect her quality of life, people with positive beliefs and attitudes get positive results, they are the ones that work through hard times and get rewarded for it, this gives them natural confidence and personal power, really. That makes them so much more attractive.

William asks…

Do you know any bitchy, confident songs?

for example, stuff that portray stuff like, “I’m the best and if you have a problem with it, get over it,” or “The world revolves around me,” or “Everybody likes me and I’m better than you” and stuff like that. Kind of having a huge ego and self confidence and etc. Pref female singer. I’m trying to get back at someone
It is actually amed at another girl who I can’t stand, but thanks for your answers.

MKWeb answers:

Love Me Or Hate Me-Lady Soverign
Misfit- Amy Studt

Carol asks…

What do you think is the best course of action?

Here is the deal. I am totally in love with this one girl. She is pretty much the humanized form of perfection. Now here is the problem: She has already made it known that she will not go out with anybody, let alone me.
My personal problems include: being fat, being weak and physically disabled, I have social problems including hating mankind and not wanting to be in a group of more than around 5 people, I am a total nerd (see the song white and nerdy for reference, and instead of a segway, insert a wheelchair), and I have major confidence/self esteme issues.
Even more, there are two other guys (obviously better choices) who want to go out with her.

MKWeb answers:

Dude, you have a dilemma. In your post it sounds to me like you already know what you need to address about yourself, the hate and self esteem issues. Fix these things as best you can, by either getting involved in activities such as church, or hanging out with positive people, and so on. You need to fix these things before you are ready for a relationship. Trust me, this girl should not be concerning you so much, I hate rejection too, but making yourself stronger here is what you should do. Change your ways, and you may change her mind. At the least you will be giving yourself a much better chance for future success with women if you can better your attitudes.

Mary asks…

My “best” friend acts like she hates me,can you help?

My best friend,lets call her Jane, has always been there for me, since the first day of high school we have been so close, we have been through so much together from me sticking by her when a group of girls bullied her to her helping me when my parents split up.
Now 6 years later, in sixth form everything has changed, everyone has grown up and became their own person, me and Jane grew apart a bit, with me still wanting to hang around with the people i have always knew (not in an anti-social way, i just like the company i already have) and Jane wanted to be with other people, i didnt mind this as its not my right to say who she should and should not hang around with. But we drifed from each other and when i approached her about this in october she just said “you just dont want to grow up ellena, since your parents have split up you dont want change” that really hurt my feelings and for a couple of weeks we didnt speak.

Things were fine for a bit but recently (since middle of november) she has been putting me down, if i have my hair down and straight she will say it looks dull and greasy. if i change the way i do my makeup, although others say its nice, she says i look like a slag. She also copies me alot, if i say i like a particular song and i say i like it because the lyrics remind me of the summer, the next day i will hear her using those words as her own to another person.

I know people will think its jealousy or shes just going through a rough time but i think 6 years of friendship means to much to let go.

I’m at a stage in my life where both my parents have new partners, they both have found happiness and i go out for meals more and recently went on a holiday to barcelona. I have so much self confidence now and i know who i am and what i want in life, a year ago i hated life because of my parents divorce and my grandad getting cancer. Now im living life to the max,loving everyday. But Jane doesnt seem happy for me and when she asked me questions about barcelona i answerd them but she put me down for not seeing certain things there or eating certain foods. she is the only thing/person/situation in my life that makes me unhappy.

Its not just me she does it too either she does it to a boy mate of ours.

any ideas of hat i can do? I have tried talking to her but it doesnt work,she just says its all my fault. :/

thank you for reading this, i know i babbled on. xx

MKWeb answers:

Hey huni! I think it sounds like ‘Jane’ thought she was growing up and being the mature one and giving the advice when you were upset over your parents..and then when you started to feel better about yourself and your life, she felt a bit jealous of you. Because now your going on holidays and having lots of fun and living life to the full..and maybe she wishes she could be like you..even after all you’ve been through. Im not sure what to do, if you’ve told her how you feel, and she still puts you down…you dont need that and maybe it might be time to find some other people to hang out with…good luck!! Not sure if my answer is very good!! Xx 🙂

Mark asks…

What song has transcendental values or shows transcendentalism throughout it? Need ASAP!?

I really need this for a huge project, the song can show non-conformity, self-reliance, free thought, confidence, or important of nature. If you know a song with multiple of those that would be best!

MKWeb answers:

Transcendental Meditation? Highway to Hell!

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