Is there such a thing as an ultimate success formula?
Why is success rarely attainable?
Why does research show over 80% break their New Year’s resolution?

These questions can spawn a thousand answers, a little different in form, but mostly uniform in contents. Some people might look for the easy solutions. Others simply do not want to make the effort.

Wrong answers

Still others use old, ineffective ways, some follow simplistic strategies for change (like affirmations and other new age things), rather than use the more effective scientific techniques.

The biggest obstacle to success is failing to perform in five critical key areas of your life. All of these life aspects need to be satisfied, and a four-out-of-five solution does not pass muster.

The following are the five key components of living that must be correctly faced and addressed.


A man must have the courage to have a personal vision. He could be an otherwise intelligent person, but without a vision, he will only drift his way in life. He would not even know why his situation is such in disarray.


A man is simply a glassy-eyed dreamer when he has some inspiring vision but lacks the strategy for making it happen. Goals and plans are needed for moving towards your vision.


Belief is simply confidence in oneself. A man must have that strength in his convictions to effect the changes he wants and be successful at it. Without belief, everything is in stasis and there is no movement.


Persistence is one quality that a man seeking success must have plenty of. A person may know what he wants, he has seen it and he thinks he has a strategy to combat adversities.

After the first attempt and there was a setback, the man suddenly stops and called it quits, simply because he lack persistence.


The myth of Sisyphus comes to mind regarding this aspect. The guy spent an eternity pushing a rock uphill only to have it roll back down as he neared his goal every time. The tragic quality is that he had all four qualities.

He had a clear vision (get the rock uphill), a strategy (push it), belief (he was strong and can do it) and persistence (he tried it forever). The only thing missing is knowledge. He did not know a certain course correction was needed for him to succeed.

Rarity of true success

True success is seldom achieved because of the needs of the five elements in working together. The ultimate formula is not even the presence of these five elements added together.

True success can be had if these five elements are multiplied together. The problem is always on falling short by one step.

Non-linear solution

Because the ultimate formula for success calls for these steps to be multiplied together, it also means the formula is “non-linear.” A small improvement in the performance on one of the five steps can lead to a big leap in the quality of your life.

What areas in your life is your performance the weakest? How can you improve that aspect? Can you hold up to the ultimate formula for success?