As the years go by, our bodies age, and it starts to lose its once-youthful capabilities. And while most people don’t do anything but worry about their age, others are actually doing concrete steps to stay young and healthy for good. Here are a number of effective ways on how to stay young fit and healthy forever.

Don’t Skip Meals
Some people just live longer than others, and it’s not because they have access to expensive health care and wellness facilities. The truth is that there are lots of simple ways for maintaining that youthful glow and vigor. One of the best ways for staying young and fit is by eating right, and never skipping meals. If you skip meals regularly, you could lose your appetite, and your body will not be able to get the proper nourishment.

Maintain A Healthy Weight
Being overweight forces your body to work harder. Too much body fat also pushes the heart to work too the extremes, and a stressed-out heart often bogs down much faster. Research has shown that obese individuals are more prone to heart attacks and other life-threatening diseases.

Drink Lots Of Water
Water nourishes life, and soothes the senses and the soul. Water also eliminates toxins and poisons from the system. It would be best to drink adequate amounts of herbal teas and mineral water, as well as natural fruit juices and other natural health drinks.

Avoid Smoking
Smoking is one nasty lifestyle habit that actually increases the number of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are best known for damaging the cells, which cause the person to look much older than his or her age. Smoking also harms the lungs, poisons the blood, and affects the person’s overall social life.

Learn To Laugh
Life would probably be so boring if you don’t know how to relax, and learn to have a cheerful disposition. Always make it a habit to engage in stimulating activities, chat and bond with friends and family, go on a weekend outing to the beach or the camping grounds, and spend extra leisure time. Reading books, newspapers and other stimulating literature also helps to keep the brain active and updated. Regularly immerse yourself with solving puzzles, math problems, games and other interactive activities which soothe senses, and enrich the mind.

The art of looking and staying young is never left to the physicians and gym experts alone. It should, and must, also be a part of the person’s daily activities of living. A healthy and balanced lifestyle is one of the keys to longevity, and a healthy dose of positivity and cheerfulness not only keeps the doctor away, but also allows the person to live a joyful and active existence.