In the normal run of things, success and luck do not necessarily come together. It had always been one (being successful) or the other (just plain lucky), not in tandem. On the other hand, the opposite is true. The principles of success can make anybody lucky.

Success and luck do go hand in hand. If you follow how the principles of success work, you would know that it can make one lucky indeed. How is it being lucky?

Secret of luck

Some people seem to have all the luck. They are always at the right places at the right time. They have prosperous businesses. They get promoted. Why is it that good fortune seems to smile at them at every instance?

For the moment, let us leave out winning the lottery because it is a random type of luck. The focus here is the people who live their lives surrounded by all kinds of fortunate incidents.

What is the common denominator that these people have with themselves? From a vantage point, they seem to be benefiting from something called “created luck”. Let us look at their common traits.

Being proactive

Consistently lucky people seemed to be the types who do not sit back waiting for good fortune to fall on them from heaven. All of these lucky people get themselves in positions where they can win by continually taking action relevant to their goals in life.

Having a dynamic and positive attitude

Time and again have we seen the proof that we attract what we think about the most. Those who get the breaks believe in themselves and in their abilities.

They usually picture themselves reaching their goals and are secure in their thoughts that they will master any and all challenges they meet.

A burning desire

Lucky people are always passionate about achieving their goals. They are always on the lookout for opportunities they can get their hands on, and they have an almost boundless energy and enthusiasm in them.

Always prepared

A self-help guru says it succinctly: “If you are not prepared for your opportunity when it comes, the opportunity will only make you look silly.”

Lucky people seemed to be always prepared in all fronts — mentally, physically, emotionally. They are all hard workers and assiduous students and learners. In whatever they do, you see them reading, practicing, and picking the brains of successful people around them.


Most people usually want their lucky breaks, and they all want it now. Looking at the lives of these lucky people would reveal that almost every one of them overcame years of frustrations and setbacks.

Paying the dues

All these lucky people seemed willing to start small and work their way up. In high school, Michael Jordan was an ordinary guy. Oprah Winfrey did not begin as host to her own show. All of them developed their skills over time and earned their right to grab their opportunities later.


No matter how well-prepared one can be, no one can ever anticipate all the setbacks and accidents and later tragedies. Lucky people take them in stride and make appropriate adjustments on the way. They do not complain or curse their lot. They simply make a corrective change.

These lucky people had been observing the principles of success and they seem to never know them. Are you lucky?