Every one has dreams and aspirations. Some include their wishes like sailing to the Caribbean or winning the lottery. However, most of us also strive to achieve our goals for our future and the well-being of our families. The following are some of the success tools that can make your goals (and dreams) come true.

Most of us wait and hope for the best, but our dreams seemed like what they really are —just dreams. We also know of people who are having the times of their lives, working out their goals and living the lives they want. What is their secret?

Clarity of purpose

For dreams to become goals, it should be specific. It might be fun to daydream being rich, but it takes courage and hard choices to decide exactly how much money you want, and how do you plan to earn them.

Being thin is an image. Losing 20 pounds by your next birthday is a goal. In life, you cannot have it all. You can lose 20 pounds or you can have the ice cream and the cake. It’s your choice.


An apocryphal story about a Greek general goes like this: As soon as he landed on the beach of the enemy, he burned his ships. The message to his soldiers is that he wanted each one to know that there is no turning back, no retreat and no alternative to victory.

Once the goal is clear, commit to it emotionally. There are no alternatives.

Write it down

This is one of the oldest and one of the most powerful techniques for achieving any goal. It is also the simplest. Write it down and describe precisely what you want, how you will earn it, when will you have it, and the benefits you will get from it.

Get the details, the colors, the shapes and the dates. All are important. And while you are at it, do it every day. Write it on a card where you will see it all day.

Do not carry the same card every day. If it is worth anything, it is worth your time writing everyday. Doing it every morning is fine.

Talk about it

The other name for it is accountability. Once you have defined your goal and you have committed to achieving it, start talking about it.

Talking about your goals makes them emotionally real and gives them power. People will help you and some will criticize you. No problem.

Have a plan

A goal of retiring at 40 does not have substance without a savings and investment strategy to go with it. It simply is a fantasy. Without a plan, it is just a wish and a dream. A concrete plan allows you to follow it up.

Everyday action

Any goal worth of your attention and commitment is worth a few minutes of your time and some of your energy everyday. If you want to write a novel, do a few pages today and everyday. To open a business, read a business magazine today. To be the salesperson of the year, make a phone call to a customer today.

These are just some of the success tools that you can use to achieve your goals. Use them and do it now.