Ordinary mortals like us like to regale ourselves with stories about the various qualities of men and women who had scaled the highest peaks of success in their lives. They have fired our imaginations and fired our curiosities as regards their so-called secrets of success.

The following are some collated observations from all over and from the stories of these successful personalities themselves.

(1) The most successful people understand and know the law of cause and effect.

One of the most famous and most visible of all the self-help gurus in the world today is Tony Robbins. The man is all over town spreading his good news on how to be basically like him – successful, rich, and with no problems.

People acknowledged that Tony Robbins knows thoroughly the law of cause and effect. He understands and knows what he is doing and is spending his life helping others achieve what he did.

(2) The most successful people understand and know that love is the most powerful force in the universe.

Still on Tony Robbins, a disciple (another self-help teacher) dissects the true nature of Tony’s tireless work on helping others to succeed. The teacher concludes that Tony’s biggest motivation is love.

As Tony asserted himself, he loves people and that what he does is a manifestation of that love. He loves them so he wants them to be like him and earn the same level of success as he had.

(3) The most successful people understand and know that we are all co-creators with the Divine.

The same guru-disciple of Tony Robbins asserts that knowledge of this fact of being connected with the highest intelligence is another key to success.

It is said that whatever we are focused on, we created, or literally invited into our lives. We are not to blame anyone for our present stature in life because we brought it to ourselves. We could, of course, choose otherwise because we also have that power.

(4) The most successful people understand and know the fundamental law of giving and receiving.

The law of giving and receiving is one of the most fundamental laws of the universe. What we give out comes back to us a hundredfold. If we give out wealth, it gives us back wealth. If it is love, then love comes back to us.

This belief is also rooted in religion. Certain religious groups make it mandatory for their members to give the church a 10% tithe. This is in the belief that it goes back to the tithe-giver a hundredfold.

Rich and successful people reportedly do just that – giving away money to foundations and charities of their choice. No one has been reported going bankrupt.

This last revelation has one caveat, though. The cautionary reminder is simply this: if one is giving away money, one must feel good about doing so. This way the money comes back in multiples.

On the other hand, giving away money with a heavy heart will not produce the same effect. The money will not come back to the giver. It is supposed to be the feeling that counts, and not exactly the very act of giving.

Have you been doing these success secrets of the rich and successful?