Setting up goals is one aspect of success that has been overlooked by many people most of the time. Usually, other aspects are played up and goal-setting simply becomes one of the many steps in achieving success.

From a success book, a self-help expert outlined some of the keys that would make goal-setting successful. The following are some of these key points.

Goal setting is a skill and a discipline

They don’t teach goal-setting in schools but it should have been done because it has to be mastered. You need to find out as much as possible on the techniques of goal-setting to master it.

Another important aspect is the need of discipline in the process. Working on goal-setting can transform your life.

Goals must be in writing

This had been repeated over and over again by experts and gurus. The reason is that commitment documented in writing becomes embedded in the subconscious mind.

The act of writing it down brings a better chance of success because the subconscious is helping in the process.


One of the many qualities found in successful people is the clarity of their desires and wants in life. From your end, you need to be clear as well in your commitments, in your wants and needs.

It had been proven in the past that clarity does have a big influence on the realization of your wants.

Being specific

This key aspect is also very important. Next to being clear on what you need, you also have to be specific.

The anecdote involving the comic Jim Carrey comes to mind. When he was starting out and was living in his car (he was broke), Jim wrote a check to himself for $7 million dollars. Shortly thereafter, he bagged the lead role in the movie “Pet Detective” and was paid exactly $7 million dollars.


Most people, when writing how much they would be earning, usually overestimate what they might achieve in a year. On the other end of the stick, they are dramatic in their underestimation of what they can earn in five years time.

Being realistic with your earnings and especially in your time frames will result in achieving huge successes.


In achieving your goals, it is far more important to have compelling reasons why you must achieve them than it is to know how you are going to do it. It is good to focus on developing your reasons regarding your desire for success.


Frankly, you need not know how. Many people put off starting their goals because they do not know how to achieve them from the start. The key is simply to get started, no more no less.

The more momentum you can develop in setting your action, the faster the way of how to achieve your goals will be revealed to you.

Using these critical goal-setting keys can help you focus on your goals you want to achieve. You can test it yourself and see what happens in the next 90 days. The success of these goal-setting keys depends largely on you and the intensity of your commitment.