While majority of us want to look and feel young forever, the sad thing is that our bodies weaken and lose its agility much faster, as we continue to battle stress and other external factors. And while many think that the key to looking and feeling young is by paying for expensive medical and cosmetic procedures, there are actually lots of simple ways for slowly reversing, or delaying the aging process. Here are a number of innovative tips on how look and feel young, and slow down the aging process.

Have Your Fill of Fruits And Veggies Each Day
Brightly- colored fruits and vegetables are best known for containing lots of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. These healthy elements help fight cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases, and they also help keep the skin supple and soft. Foods that are rich essential fatty acids and antioxidants also help ward off free radicals and other toxins that damage cell growth, reduce the skin’s softness and vigor, and make the person look and feel old.

Learn To Deal With Stress
Stress is a part of our daily lives. We experience stress at school, at work, and even in our homes. Stress can wear down the person mentally and physically, and it can make you grow old and listless too. While there are no sure-fire methods for completely eradicating stress, there are simple ways toward it off. To reduce stress, practice taking deep breaths, meditation, Yoga, and do standing-on-one-leg exercises.

SleepMakes You Look and Feel Young And Healthy
Sleep does wonders for both mind and body. Adults generally need around 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, for them to wake up refreshed and active the next day. Water also helps soothe and revive the senses, and keep the skin healthy and firm. Try drinking lots of mineral water, organic teas and natural fruit juices.

Pop A Multivitamin Every Day
Health experts agree that taking a multivitamin a day makes you a healthier person. In fact, those who take multivitamins have thirty to forty percent more chances of staying healthy and fit, as compared to those who only get their share of vitamins and minerals from normal food sources. Most of the vitamin supplements sold in pharmacies and health stores today contain essential elements for healthy hair, skin, bone and eyes, as well as for a stronger immune system.

Get A Regular Check Up
A visit to your doctor on a regular basis will enable you to keep close tabs on your health and fitness levels. A visit to your health care provider will also allow you to get the proper check ups, and get updates on any immunizations, screens and other tests that you may have forgotten to take. A trip to your doctor will also allow you to
learn more about your blood pressure levels. A healthy blood flow actually helps keep the skin nourished, and it also helps keep the brain active and alert.