Every one wants to look and feel young. However, the sad fact is some people are actually resorting to desperate measures, such as take untested health stimulants, or undergo costly and dangerous cosmetic surgical methods, just to achieve their goals. However, you don’t actually need to do drastic measures just to look and feel young, because there are a number of proven methods for achieving this. Here are a few innovative suggestions on how to look and feel ten years younger.

Get Enough Sleep, And Manage Stress
Stress can be a destructive disorder, because it can wear the person down both mentally and physically. While there’s no way to completely eliminate stress, there are some effective ways for reducing its ill effects. You can help reduce stress by taking a few deep breaths each day, or by meditating, and regularly exercising.

Eat A Wide Array Of Fruits, Vegetables, And Antioxidant-Rich Foods
Always make it a point to consume healthy amounts of colored fruits and vegetables each day. The nutrients, vitamins and minerals contained in fruits and vegetables help ward off cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other life-threatening disorders. Also consume foods that are rich in omega3 and 6-fatty acids, as these essential fatty acids help keep the skin young and plump.

Get Lots Of Sleep, And Drink Water
Sleep is good for both mind and body. Most people actually need between seven to nine hours of sleep each night. To properly calculate how much sleep you need in a week, count the hours you spent falling asleep and waking up naturally on a given day. Drink lots of water too. Water helps quench thirst, and keeps the skin hydrated and plump. Drinking water also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkle and other skin disorders.

Take Multivitamins
Recent medical studies have indicated that taking a multivitamin makes the person healthier. In fact, people who take multivitamins are 30 to 40 percent healthier than those who get their vitamins and minerals from food sources. A vitamin supplement is essential to hair, skin, bone and eye health. By taking multivitamins daily, you will be able to look and feel ten years younger.

Quit Smoking
Smoking is a hard habit to break. However, don’t you know that smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other serious health ailments. Smoking also speeds up the aging process. By quitting smoking, you will have better chances of looking and feeling younger. ,

Regularly Check Your Blood Pressure
By having a healthy blood pressure, you’ll be a step closer to your goals of looking good and feeling young. Healthy blood flow helps keep the skin supple and soft, and also helps keep the brain active and alert. For improved blood circulation, exercise regularly, and keep away from stressful conditions.