How To Keep Skin Soft And Younger-Looking

The skin is a very important body organ, but it’s also one of the most sensitive. The skin is the first line of defense of the body, therefore it’s the first one to encounter irritants, and weather the ravages brought by wind, water, air pollution and other external elements. Although there are different types of skin treatments today, form surgeries to cosmetic procedures, it’s important that you first look at the basics of skin care. Here are a few tips on how to keep the skin soft and younger looking for longer periods.

Drink Water, And Get Lots Of Sleep
A good night’s sleep, according to dermatologists, is actually one of the best skin care therapies. To get healthy and glowing skin complexion, maintain a well-balanced diet, and get adequate amounts of sleep. Adults generally should get at least 7 to8 hours of sleep each night. Water also helps keep a youthful glow. To freshen up, drink natural fruit juices, organic teas and mineral water, as well as use an organic skin moisturizer every day.

Protect The Skin From Overexposure To The Sun
Regular sun exposure can be healthy for the body. Although if you constantly stay under the sun especially during the mid and late afternoon, this can be very damaging to the skin. To prevent the advent of sun spots, blemishes, wrinkles and other age or sun exposure-related skin ailments, use a moisturizer daily, and dab your skin with lotions which contain SPF 15.

Avoid Using Sunbeds
If you want to get a tan, sunbeds are not the safe way to get a light tan on your body. According to a number of health experts, sunbeds actually emit large amounts of ultraviolet radiation, which cause premature aging of the skin. Too much ultraviolet exposure can also cause melanoma and other serious skin disorders.

Eat Balanced Meals
What you eat also has a major effect on your skin. Many processed food items today contain harmful free radicals and cancer-causing ingredients. These harmful ingredients weaken the immune system, break down collagen levels, keep the skin saggy and unrefreshed, and lead to the buildup of harmful body fat. To keep your body disease-free, as well as to maintain that youthful glow, consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables, shrimp, multi-grain bread, cereals, sunflower seeds and fish. These food types contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants which fight cancer and other deadly diseases.

Stop Smoking
Cigarette smoking, according to health experts, not only encourages lung cancer and heart disease, but also affects the skin and hair. Cigarettes normally contain nicotine, which reduces vitamin A levels in the skin, and lowers blood supply to the skin and other organs. Nicotine was also shown to have toxic effects on healing tissue, and it also reduces the immune system’s ability to suppress infections and diseases.