Ask a hundred people if they want to grow and look old, and you won’t hear anyone say yes. And since everyone wants to look and feel young and healthy, there are actually a number of easy-to-follow steps for doing this. According to health experts, eating well and exercising regularly can enable the individual to achieve his or her goals of staying young and healthy for longer periods. Here’s how eating right helps keep you young and healthy.

Consume Healthy Fats
Not all fats are actually bad for the body. The unhealthy fats are generally found in processed foods, while the healthy fats are often found in vegetables, fruits. Veggies and fruits are often good sources of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients, which protect the body against cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Also hike your consumption of fish oils, flax seed oil and calcium. Calcium, when taken with magnesium, helps the body maintain strong bones, repairs cell damage and aids in absorption.

Reduce Stress, And Exercise Regularly
Stress is bad for the body, and for our looks as well. Stress makes us look and feel old, and it also weakens our body’s immune system. Although we can’t completely eliminate stress from our lives, we can actually learn healthier responses to it. To minimize stress, have a realistic view on how much you take on each day, by eliminating a number of items from your to-do list, and by regularly meditating and concentrating on good thoughts. Sex is also a good exercise, which eliminates stress, and keeps the body fit. Sex keeps the mind active, and also helps in effective blood circulation.

Strike a Balance In Your Life
According to aging experts, one of the keys to reversing the ill-effects of aging, is through bringing together all the senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch), and direct the mind to improving each of them. One of the best mind and body balancing exercises is Yoga, meditation and other ensemble exercises. Dancing and standing on one leg also helps to keep balance in mind and body.

Use Your Brain
Use your brain to learn new stuff. Read books, magazines, newspapers and other in engaging materials. A large segment of medical studies have concluded that older adults who regularly engage in stimulating mind activities are less prone to crippling diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Drink Lots Of Fluids, And Eat Balanced Meals
Water is an element which quenches thirst, and rinses toxins, poisons and other irritants from the body. Try drinking organic herbal teas, flat mineral water, or wheat grass juice. Also ensure that you consume 5 small but balanced meals each day. Eat a light breakfast, as well as eat a heavier lunch. Dinner however, should be light, with a few carbohydrates, sugar, fruit and bread.