Aging is a process that cannot be stopped, nor fully reversed. However, modern science has devised a number of ways for slowing down the aging process. And because every person longs to stay healthy and young for longer periods, health experts stress that there are a number of easy to follow and relatively inexpensive methods for achieving this. Here’s how eating right can help the individual stay fit and healthy for longer periods.

Don’t Let Stress Bother You
Before we go to the eating part, let’s first take a look at how stress affects the body, and speeds up the aging process. Stress weakens the soul, and bogs down the body’s immune system. It also makes the person look and feel old and listless. Although it’s quite impossible to keep yourself stress-free all day, there are simple ways to keep it at bay. and it also weakens our body’s immune system. To reduce stress, the individual needs to have a realistic view of life, and learn to be contented what he currently has, or what he has currently achieved. One way of reducing stress is by reducing the number of items that you need to do each day, and by doing a number of relaxation and meditation techniques, to ease the worries and soothe the senses.

Eat More Veggies, And Healthy Fats
Not all fats have a negative effect on the body. Most unhealthy fats are often found in processed foods, as these contain lots of preservatives and artificial chemicals. The good fats on the other hand, are naturally found in green, leafy vegetables and brightly-colored fruits. These fruits and vegetables are also good sources of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Increase You Intake of Calcium And Fish Oil
Calcium is a mineral that’s normally found in milk, meat, fish, dairy products like cheese, and other food items. These are good for maintaining good bone, eye, skin and hair growth, and they also help keep the skin youthful and glowing. Fish, which contains essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6, are great for keeping the skin plump and youthful, and help the body fight against infections and diseases.

Relax, And Do Meditation Exercises
Relaxation and meditation are also keys to getting that youthful glow and vigor. According to health and wellness experts, Yoga, meditation and ensemble exercises are perfect for soothing the senses, relaxing the muscles and nerves, and keeping the mind in proper balance. The other recreational activities that help rejuvenate the mind and body include dancing, singing, brisk walking and light jogging.

Learn New Things
Regularly stimulating the brain also helps keep the individual healthy and active. Take time to read good books and magazines, newspapers, as well as spend more time delving on crossword puzzles, math problems, brain twisters and other mind-engaging games and leisure activities.